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Offer responsive healthcare, increase efficiencies and support healthcare workers with mobile laptop carts. We are Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted supplier of computer carts on wheels for hospitals. View our range and book a demo today.
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Our Medical Laptop Cart Range

Ergotron CareFit Slim LCD Cart C50-2500-0 Supplier

Ergotron C50 CareFit Laptop Cart

>  Compact frame for small laptops and two-in-ones
>  Lightweight design
>  Expansive height range, easy adjustment

ergotron laptop cart, medical laptop trolley

SV41 Styleview Laptop Cart

> Sit-to-stand height adjustment
> Adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray
> Accommodates most laptops, easy to upgrade

SV10 Surface Cart

Ergotron SV10 Styleview Laptop Cart

> Customise your cart with easy accessory integration
> Integrated hand brake for security and ultra-stable work surface
> Convenient storage compartment

medical laptop cart, powered laptop cart

SV42 Styleview Powered Laptop Cart

> Ultra fast recharge (full recharge in about two hours)
> Ergonomic design accommodates largest range of caregivers
> Surfaces treated with antimicrobial for product protection

Supplying Healthcare Teams with the Highest Quality Medical Laptop Carts

Debtrek supports healthcare workers by providing flexibility and efficiency with our range of medical mobile laptop carts from industry leader, Ergotron.

As a certified service centre and trusted partner of Ergotron Australia, we can help you identify the best laptop carts for your needs, wherever your healthcare facility is based across Australia and New Zealand. 

Ergotron mobile laptop carts enable healthcare workers to easily and flexibly move technology to wherever it is needed. With height-adjustable settings that are swift to alter on the spot, they offer an ergonomic option to support workers and help to reduce fatigue and postural complaints. 

The lightweight design of all medical laptop cart models make them easy to move and are a fantastic way to maximise on workspace efficiency. Offering an agile workstation in any healthcare setting, from GP surgeries, specialist clinics and hospitals, laptop carts are a solid investment to support teams and patients alike.

When it comes to power, laptop carts can be relied upon in any situation, with charged back up batteries and no need to rely upon electricity. You can pair your laptop cart with hot-swap or on-cart charging for ongoing power, without the need to shutdown and restart and avoiding any unnecessary downtime on the job. 

Leading Suppliers of ICT Fit Out and Hardware for Healthcare Providers

The preferred option for those procuring ICT and medical equipment in healthcare settings in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years, Debetrek are proud to service private, public and independent hospitals. Our trusted team of experts support professionals in identifying, selecting, installing and maintaining the best quality solutions that meet their facility requirements.

We partner with:

  • Medical IT Managers
  • Pharmacy Directors
  • Nursing Directors
  • Architects
  • Designers

Interested in a free demonstration? We offer free demonstrations across all of our products, in addition to the set up and ongoing maintenance support to ensure that your medical laptop carts remain reliable, efficient and in top working order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical laptop cart?

Medical laptop carts are mobile workstations on wheels which enable healthcare workers to quickly and safely transport the necessary technology to where it is needed. Running on medical grade battery power, there are no cords and cables causing unnecessary trip hazards. Carts are height-adjustable, making them highly adaptable for any member of staff to quickly shift to appropriate settings for their stature.

What brands of laptop carts do Debetrek provide?

We are proud to provide Ergotron medical laptop carts as our sole brand for this solution. Designing and manufacturing meaningful innovations that support employees since 1982, their products are created using human-centred design principles to help people thrive.

Do laptop carts work with existing devices and equipment?

Yes. Any laptop can be added to a medical laptop cart. View our range of laptop carts to cross check dimensions to ensure they support your device sizes.

What Are The Benefits of Medical Laptop Carts?
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Reduced stress on staff
  • Safety – no trip hazards of cables and faster response times
  • Medical grade power supply – hot swap or in cart charging 
  • Enhance health, comfort and productivity
How do I choose the right medical laptop cart?

We highly recommend experiencing a free demonstration of our products so you and your teams are comfortable with the solution before committing to investment. This will give you all the opportunity to trial run the medical carts and receive guidance from our team on their operation and care. Contact our team to discuss which carts you would like to trial run.

How much do medical laptop carts cost?

We only partner with the best quality manufacturers of medical and ICT equipment to ensure our clients receive optimal performance and durable product lifespan. Our laptop carts come in a range of price points and are flexible in terms of being able to retrofit your existing devices to the carts, saving you on budget.

Please get in touch with our experienced team who can discuss your requirements and suggest the best solutions for your centre, staff and patient needs within your budget.

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