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Debetrek are a leading supplier of medical equipment to hospitals and healthcare facilities across Melbourne and Victoria. Our experienced team is able to partner with Architects and Designers, as well as your Hospital IT Managers, Pharmacy Directors, Nursing Directors to determine the best hospital fit out solutions for your needs.

While planning for your hospital fit-out or refurbishment, you can rely on the team at Debetrek to be able to provide holistic solutions for you across:

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Medical Carts Supplier Melbourne

Debetrek knows the role medical carts play in hospitals across Melbourne and Victoria when it comes to supporting staff productivity and enhancing patient trust. This is why we provide one of the most diverse ranges of medical carts for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Our range of mobile carts include both powered carts and non powered options, with a big benefit of partnering with debetrek being we can also provide additional solutions such as your Medical Mice, Medical Keyboards, LCD Screens, Medication Management and Infection Control.

Debetrek’s range of Medical Carts are second to none where we stock leading brands Ergotron and Humanscale. They are durable, reliable, secure and highly configurable helping you improve productivity, security and patient care.

By partnering with Debetrek for your mobile workstations, you’ll have the best medical cart solution for your particular needs, whilst meeting and managing your financial requirements now and for the life of the equipment.

The range of medical carts we’re supplying to Melbourne hospitals include:

Tablet Carts

Our tablet carts are ergonomic, with the end-user in mind. The tablet medical carts are quick to set up in terms of accommodating your tablet devices.

We have models that also offer articulating tablet mount arms that allow additional adjustment in height and viewing position of your tablet.

As well as being height adjustable, they are lightweight and easy to move around, and have smooth quality surfaces that are easy to clean.

LCD Carts

Debetrek has a diverse range of LCD mobile workstation carts that will support your operations and productivity. They are available in powered and non-powered options, as well as having the ability to add Hot Swap Power Systems. Whether you’re looking at powered carts, or adding hot swap power, you can then have a long-lasting dependable power supply system to help keep workflows continuous for long periods of time.

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy to clean surfaces promoting infection control
  • Casters for smooth transition from one room to the next
  • Sit-to-stand adjustment for stress-free giving of care

Laptop Carts

Our medical cart solutions also include laptop carts that offer optimum mobility and flexibility. The ergonomic designs enhance productivity of different users with different needs.

These lightweight carts are easy to move for fast delivery of services and supplies in emergency cases. Similar to LCD carts, our Laptop Carts come in powered and non-powered options. Our powered carts come with long-life batteries, meaning you can better manage your ongoing cost and maintenance.

Powered Medical Carts

As mentioned across our range of Tablet, LCD and Laptop Carts – we have a range of powered medical carts giving you a safe power supply for longer timeframes and larger number of cycles.

These carts come with effortless height adjustment capabilities and excellent mobility. They smoothly adjust to the user’s chosen height and can be easily moved around wards and from room to room with a one-handed operation.

If you have a fleet of medical carts that you want to power, instead of replace – in almost all cases they can be upgraded with a hot-swap power system.

Hot Swap Power

Hot-swap power technology allows you to supply your devices with non-stop power. Even when batteries are charging, the devices can continue operating without being turned off whilst the battery is charging.

This system extends to existing carts you are currently using, so replacing your current fleet is unnecessary. We can retrofit existing carts, so they become more power-efficient without impacting your budget as much as buying a new fleet of medical carts.

If you’re not sure which type of medical cart will be best for your needs – the team at Debetrek can help. We will be able to help you identify the best solution to not only meet your needs now, but ensure you’re effectively managing your ongoing costs and minimising downtime.

Medical Mounts

Debetrek also provides the best medical mounts for your monitors and workstations. With these mounts, you can make the most of your space, provide effortless movement in your work areas, and empower your operations with functional, long-lasting, durable equipment.

These mounts are also your way of reducing physical contact with medical equipment, as frequent contact with equipment and machines can facilitate the easy transmission of germs and harmful organisms.

Our mounts are suitable for mounting on walls, ceilings and desks, allowing you to maximise your space, whilst looking after staff wellbeing.

Our range of medical mounts include:

Wall Mounts

Your doctors and nurses can work comfortably with our wall mounts which are low-profile and can be integrated into any room configuration to save space and promote patient care.

Debetrek are able to provide a range of wall mounts to hospitals across Melbourne including Flush Wall Mounts, Articulating Monitor Arms, Workstations and Patient Entertainment.

They’re particularly useful for hallways, nurse stations and crowded treatment rooms. With a broad range of mounts and functionality available, our medical mounts will ensure that you get the perfect device position every time for your staff and for patients in your hospital.

Ceiling Mounts

If you need to save some space, Debetrek can help with our range of Ceiling Mounts. We can not only help with the best ceiling mount for your needs, but also help identify the best location for them so you can maximise usage and ensure that equipment is accessible for staff, and that patients have access to entertainment, or vitals where applicable.

Other factors we can help you navigate through are reach, rotation and drop length which can be a concern with higher floor to ceiling clearance.

Articulating Mounts

These are “full motion” mounts that we provide in settings where staff or patients need various viewing angles, or where medical staff need to congregate in a certain area while working. These mounts are able to hold multiple devices for various people to simultaneously work and collaborate for optimum patient care.

If it’s just one person using the articulating monitor arm, with the ability to perform swivel, turn and tilt the arm, they’ll have the advantage of being able to adjust it for their personal comfort and ergonomics.

Desk Mounts

When it comes to nursing stations or your offices, compact monitor desk mounts are probably the best option. With these monitor mounts, you’ll be able to help prevent work-related injuries, such as neck and eye strain and problems with posture.

This is a pretty easy solution for us to manage for Melbourne hospitals as we have a wide range of monitor desk mounts including single monitor mounts, dual monitor mounts, and triple monitor mounts through to control room configurations. The design is simple and monitors can be adjusted to comfortable heights for both sit and stand positions.

Medication Management

Debetrek can help Melbourne hospitals and healthcare facilities in all areas of patient care, including medication management. We have our own solutions and partner with leading brands to secure medication management devices to help in managing, storing and safely dispensing drugs.

Good medication management is an integral part of patient care and healthcare operations. Done properly, it will lead to improved security, administration and tracking of medication for patients allowing hospitals to best support their patients to recovery. Additionally, it allows hospitals to manage their inventory levels to ensure they have adequate medication on hand to meet hospital demands, without overstocking drugs that aren’t required which can impact on the hospital’s financial viability.

The following devices and cabinets can be used to improve medication management in your hospital or healthcare facility across Melbourne and Victoria:

Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Automated dispensing cabinets are computerised medicine cabinets that allow medication storage close to the point of care.

We offer a one-size-fits-all solution, although you can customise it according to the needs of each area in your hospital. Tailor this solution according to drug transaction volumes, physical space availability and storage capacity requirements.

Debetrek’s medicine cabinets have configurable drawers to allow for a wide range of variations in size and budgets. You have options such as table-top cabinets, or half or full-tower.

Pharmacy Safe

This is another option for medicine storage cabinets with the main purpose being that medication can be securely stored away from the primary pharmacy areas.

With this form of medication storage, your nurses will have increased access to medications across the hospital and can administer drugs in a timely manner. Medication is locked up in patient-care areas and all drugs are tracked electronically.

Debetrek offers cost-effective and low-risk pharmacy safe solutions to all hospitals wishing to securely automate their drug management system.

Remote Medication Access Lock

Debetrek also offers a method of increasing security and control of drugs with the use of our remote medication access lock. These locks secure any new or existing cabinets and safes that you are already using in your facility. You can store all medications in locked cabinets and keep them under constant surveillance.

Access to medicines is controlled with the use of our remote locks, where you can manage permissions and prevent unauthorised access to medicines.

Secure Medication Cart

These carts will improve systems for transporting medication, retrieving and displaying patient data and securely administering medication across the hospital. As a result, you can enhance patient safety with the use of these medication carts, as well as optimise the process of transporting and administering medication.

These carts can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure and customised to promote patient security. Advanced options for these carts include individual drawer control and electronic labelling capability.

Drug Management Software

To support our IT Hardware and Device solutions, Debetrek also offers a paperless solution to medication management through our drug management software. This software will enable you to effectively manage medicine supply from procurement to administration across all wards and locations.

The software is specifically designed for the enhanced control and distribution of drugs, including incident management, user management, and fraud detection.

Benefits include electronic recording of medication data and multi-register platform where individual registers are placed in all areas of the hospital.

Infection Control Devices Melbourne

Infection control has always been a primary focus for hospitals, with even more attention being placed on it in recent times. With our infection control devices, you can meet the standards set for the different components of infection control, namely, disinfection, cleaning, and sterilisation.

Keeping computers and peripherals like keyboards clean and disinfected helps stop the spread of germs and viruses. With our hospital air purifiers and UV sterilisation systems, you can ensure work areas are always sanitised and ready for safe use.

UV Sterilisation

Debetrek has a growing range of UV sterilisation devices for hospitals across Melbourne which are a non-toxic way of keeping your work surfaces clean. Available for integration on carts and work areas, our UV sterilisation devices can ensure keyboards and mice are constantly being cleaned and disinfected.

With our UV light sanitiser systems, you will have an extremely effective chemical free method of killing viruses and bacteria, as it can kill 99.9% of pathogens around the clock.

Air Purifier

In addition to UV sterilisation devices, Debetrek has air purifiers to help Melbourne hospitals maintain clean air in all patient and staff areas.

Air purifiers will give you real-time readings of poor, moderate or good air quality. When it senses a drop in the air quality, fans will work faster to deliver more fresh air, with its filter capturing air pollutants and volatile organic compounds.

Washable Mice & Keyboards

Our washable mice and keyboards ensure that your staff is fully protected from bacteria. They are waterproof meaning they can be hand or machine washed to minimise the germs and microorganisms across your hospital.

They’re modern in design and easy to use, with wireless or cable options so your team is always able to work safely and effectively whilst minimising the chances of transferring any germs to patients.

Telehealth Devices Melbourne

Telehealth care is fast becoming a norm in the healthcare industry, and Debetrek is responding to the demand. With our telehealth workstations and medical carts, you can easily care for patients who aren’t able to come to the hospital.

Telehealth Hub Device

Debetrek’s telehealth hub devices feature state-of-the-art capabilities that will allow you to get connected to patients remotely. While you work comfortably with their ergonomic design, you can perform live video medical examinations and deliver data to your patients.

The integrated video conferencing software in these devices allows consultations among specialists over large distances, and sharing of important medical records, images and data.

Telehealth Workstations

Improve your efficiency, access and cost of care using our telehealth workstations. These devices enable remote delivery of health care and timely sharing of information.

Our workstations have an open architecture, which allows easy integration of existing communication equipment and computers. They also feature auto-locking drawers for securing your medical equipment, and can be configured to accommodate your telepresence equipment.

Delivering Complete Medical Equipment Solutions for Hospital Fitouts and Refurbishment Across Melbourne and Victoria

As you can see, Debetrek has one of the most diverse range of IT Hardware, Devices and Medical Equipment for hospitals across Melbourne and Victoria. This allows us to provide a truly holistic solution for your hospital fit out or refurbishment. With over 20 years of experience supporting hospitals and healthcare, our expert team can help you or your client determine which devices would best meet your needs.

If you’d like to discuss your project and see how Debetrek can best partner with you, book a free demo now.

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