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UV-C Disenfection

Washable Mouse Debetrek

Waterproof Mouse

Washable Medical Keyboard Debetrek

Washable Keyboards

TruSens Air Purifiers, Infection Control for Hospitals

Air Purifiers

While infection control within medical settings has always been an important aspect of quality care, it is now required more than ever as health systems experience unprecedented levels of pressure. Thankfully, technology continually evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of different industries and healthcare tech is no exception. Infection control devices and disinfection units are now at the forefront for medical tech, providing much needed, fast turnaround hospital grade hygiene.

Providing the Best Infection Control Devices to Healthcare

It’s vital that our healthcare workers are given all the support they need. At Debetrek we are proud to provide the latest industry tech for healthcare infection control devices. These products enable rapid response disinfection for high use items at fixed workstations and on mobile medical carts so there’s limited downtime on any device. Hospital grade disinfection is ensured, as is the quality of the devices, which are designed especially for high use in medical environments.

In addition to infection control devices, we also supply industry leading UV-C disinfection units to promptly clean other devices such as mobile phones and tablets, up to ten devices at a time, while also charging them.

TruSens Air Purifier

TruSens Air Purifier

TruSens Air Purifier The TruSens Air Purifier features DuPont filtration, automatically adjusting to the air quality in the room. Coupled with the SensorPod Air Quality Monitor, TruSens takes air quality readings and communicates those back to the purifier. SensorPod...

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Seal Shield Waterproof Mouse

Seal Shield Waterproof Mouse

Seal Shield Waterproof Mouse Seal-shield - SSWM3 Waterproof, Antimicrobial Product Protection, Silicone Optical Mouse with Scroll Button + 2 Button, Long Cable with Seal Cap, White, USBTechnical Specifications Material: Silicone Cord: Long Connection: USB Color: White...

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ElectroClave UV-C Disinfection

ElectroClave UV-C Disinfection

ElectroClave UV-C Disinfection with Mobile Device Management Seal Shield - SSECLAVE4B UV Disinfection & Mobile Device Management for Tablet Computers & Mobile Phones. LED UV-C Disinfection Cabinet, Smart Charging Technology, Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management...

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Debetrek provide holistic infection control solutions

Our comprehensive range of infection control solutions are affordable and fast options to make a positive impact at your facility. Keeping across hygiene requirements is not only important for your organisation, but to demonstrate and implement your care for your workforce and patients’ wellbeing.

Explore our solutions across UV sterilisation products, air purifiers, washable mice and waterproof keyboards – all providing hospital grade infection control. If you’d like more information about our range, contact the team at Debetrek today.

UV-C Disinfection

Using the power of light, UV-C disinfection (Ultra-Violet radiation) is harmful to microorganisms, which is a critical and welcome addition in medical settings to meet infection control standards. When any bacteria, virus or other undesirable microbes are exposed to the UV light, the microbe DNA will be irreversibly damaged and essentially kill it, resulting in swift disinfection.

Using UV-C disinfection, high touch surfaces and devices can be quickly cleaned and used again by staff as required. 

At Debetrek we carry a high-quality offering of UV-C disinfection devices that can rapidly sanitise high use devices, from products that can be retrofitted to mobile medical carts for on the spot cleaning of washable keyboards and waterproof mice, to larger scale UV sterilisation cabinets for providing UV-C disinfection for mobile phones, tablets and other larger devices.

View our UV-C Disinfection Devices

Waterproof Mouse

Designed especially for healthcare environments, waterproof mice are built to last the distance using antimicrobial product protection materials.

Waterproof and chemical resistant, the range of mice from Debetrek can be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants, or even soaked in bleach or cleaned in a dishwasher to meet infection control standards. To ensure optimal cleaning, the hygienic waterproof mouse design enables splatter and bioburden easy to spot and remove.

Options such as extra-long connection cables are available to ensure ease of use with mobile medical cart set ups and ergonomic features are integrated into all designs for user comfort.

View our Waterproof Mouse Range

Washable Keyboard

Like the waterproof mouse, a washable keyboard is another must have for your healthcare facility.

While they look and function like a standard keyboard, the product designs enable them to be soaked, hand washed or placed in a dishwasher for cleaning and to withstand hospital grade cleaning products.

All waterproof keyboards have the full QWERTY keyboard and number pad, with keys almost flat to further promote cleaning ease. Some options include backlighting, making them ideal for working all hours on the ward and quick disconnect cables equal simple cable management, especially for mobile carts and when you need to swiftly wash and return your infection control devices.

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Air Purifiers

Clean air is vital in any medical setting and Debetrek are proud to carry TruSens air purifiers.

Automatically adjusting to the quality of air within the space, the TruSens takes air readings via a sensor pod and then sends the reading outputs back to the unit to then adjust settings accordingly. Clear communication is ensured with a colour-coded illuminated ring providing an at-a-glance assessment of good, moderate or poor-quality air.

Two air flow streams distribute air more comfortably, and the 360-degree HEPA filter captures pollutants and VOC gases, with any germs and bacteria that get trapped in the filter being killed with UV light. Stylishly designed with sleek touch buttons and integrated handle, the TruSens will blend effortlessly with any facility design and provide quality air for patients and staff alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UV sterilisation and how does it work?

UV sterilisation is a disinfection method that uses appropriate wavelengths of ultraviolet rays which destroy the DNA and RNA structures, leading to stunted growth and death of microbial cells. 

Solar radiation comes with a wide spectrum of wavelength energies – gamma rays on one end, and at the other end, radio wavelength. At the high end, gamma rays (including x-rays and cosmic rays) have sufficient energy to destroy atoms, leaving behind an ion. The ionisation process also leads to the breakdown of atomic bonds.

As molecules are made of up atoms, the destruction spreads to the entire molecule, and since microorganisms themselves are made up of molecules, they too are destroyed by gamma rays. All other rays with lesser energy cannot break chemical bonds this way. For instance, if bacteria absorb radiation with less energy, they will only experience an increase in body temperature and not degrade in the same manner.

As UV rays can break chemical bonds at the atomic level, this makes them effective in killing bacteria. This is also why excess UV exposure to humans can cause sunburn and cancer.

Why do healthcare facilities need UV sterilisation?

One of the main benefits of UV sterilisation is that it doesn’t use chemicals, such as chlorine and chloramine. Applied in the hospital setting, UV sterilisation comes with specific benefits, including:

  • Infection Prevention
    UV sterilisation can prevent transmission of infection between staff and patients if disinfection devices are run non-stop.
  • Patient Protection
    UV sterilisation can prevent transmission of infection between staff and patients if disinfection devices are run non-stop.
  • Minimal Sick Leave for Staff
    Surface contamination won’t exist as long within the hospital, so you can expect your nurses, doctors and technicians will rarely get sick compared to working without UV sterilisation devices.
  • Patient Confidence
    Patients always want to be assured that they are being treated in an infection-free environment and that medical facilities are taking every precaution possible to care for their wellbeing. If they are able to see the extensive measures you’re taking at your hospital, it can go a long way to them feeling even more comfortable to be receiving treatment from your hospital.
How long does UV radiation take to kill bacteria?

This depends on a few factors, including:

  • Energy output
  • Distance
  • Wavelength 

The device must produce the right wavelength to effectively control and kill bacteria. How much energy it releases also affects the amount of time to kill bacteria.

The distance from the radiation source is particularly important. It follows the inverse square law; meaning that the intensity of radiation is proportionally related to the distance.

At four feet, the microorganisms only receive 1/16 of X, and if the size of a room is considered, say 10 feet, the intensity is reduced to only 1/100 of X. Thus, UV radiation becomes ineffective fast as the target organism moves farther from the source.

There are three designations for UV light rays – A, B and C (so, we have UVA, UVB, UVC). UVC (100 – 290 nanometres) carries the most lethal energy wavelengths for microbes, specifically at around 260 nanometres.

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