As with many industries, the rise of digital transformation continues to revolutionise the medical field.

It’s important that healthcare staff have the latest technology available that can help optimise their regular tasks and remove any burdens to their already busy and pressured schedules. A secure, user friendly, reliable solution is needed, which is a need that’s easily met by the all in one computer.

In this feature post for the all in one PC, we’ll cover:


AIO PC, all in one PC

How are Computers used in Healthcare?

Computers play a vital role within the healthcare system and are regarded as integral to most diagnostic equipment. They are used in a wide range of applications across the entire industry, from general record keeping and data analysis, through to safely tracking and dispensing medication, to medical imagery, laboratory and surgical procedures.

When it comes to patient care, healthcare providers need to have intuitive, easy to use software and computer equipment that enable them to access and manage patient data in a user friendly way. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), are central to the healthcare system of today, having largely replaced the paper trail of record keeping.

The patient healthcare journey all needs to be accurately documented, with everything from the treatments administered and the patient responses and progress, through to the secure access of current medications being taken. All details are accurately recorded through your computer systems so that any other authorised team member can quickly access the full picture of the patient’s history in order to make accurate diagnoses. In addition to quickly and easily get the full picture of your patient’s history, other regular actions include ordering medication and booking procedures and lab tests are also done through the medical computer system.

With hospitals and medical centers becoming more and more digitised, it’s easy to see how computers play such a critical role in the healthcare system and why we need to do everything we can to minimise any downtime with our technology.


What is a Medical AIO PC?

In the simplest terms, an All In One PC (AIO PC) is one enclosed unit that includes all desktop components, so there isn’t a separate tower and display monitor. It functions in the same way to a standard desktop computer but is:

  • Smaller, taking up less space
  • Easier to transport
  • Noted to save on energy and maintenance.

Additionally, medical grade AIO computers are specifically designed to withstand the multiple requirements and applications within medical environments. Most importantly, medical all in one PCs are built within a sealed design and often include antimicrobial compounds injected into the plastic molding to reduce the spread of harmful microbes. The sealed designs are also able to withstand chemical disinfectants, making them easy to clean.

While some computers will be stationary, for example at the reception desk of a GP surgery or medical centre, many other medical computer applications are now used ‘on the move’. A doctor on the ward doing patient rounds may carry a tablet to update medication changes or patient progress, or nursing staff will record patient vitals through an all-in-one pc touch-screen – in some applications this information may be automatically recorded at pre-set timings.

AIO PC, Ergotron Medical Mounts and Workstations


Benefits of AIO PCs Compared to Laptops in Health

While laptops are easy to transport and often lightweight, they aren’t always the best computer solution in a medical setting for a number of reasons. Let’s compare the medical grade AIO to the laptop across key areas.

Benefit #1: Sanitisation

Designed with medical grade materials, a medical all in one PC rates higher on the sanitisation front compared with a laptop. Unlike laptops, they can also be washed. As well as this, the fanless design of medical all in one computers minimises nosocomial infection. By reducing the number of moving parts and removing the more traditional fan cooling technology from medical computing devices, disease will no longer be spread by transportation of medical equipment, in the same way it would with a laptop.

Benefit #2: Power 

What do you do when your laptop battery is running low and you’re in the middle of patient rounds or updating critical medical records? While having to take a laptop back to a station to charge isn’t the end of the world, it’s certainly not the most efficient or reliable option.

An all in one computer mounted to a medical cart comes with multiple hot-swap batteries that can provide up to 21 hours of use on a single charge. Having hot swap functionality allows you to swap batteries on the all in one PC without any downtime, meaning you’ll be able to continue your shift without disruptions. Multiple batteries can be charged at a multi-battery charging station and the extended battery life easily allows you to use the device throughout an entire shift.

Benefit #3: Wireless

With wireless AIO computer systems there are no cables running the length of rooms taking up unnecessary power points and creating trip hazards. Many AIO medical pcs are designed for use with non-powered carts. These stand alone devices can also power peripherals such as printers, scanners and card readers. These can all be run wirelessly and powered without any interruption by the rechargeable hot swap batteries mentioned above.

Benefit #4: Size

Medical all in one computers have large touchscreen displays, coming in at 22 or 24 inches, which is comparable to the size of a desktop LCD screen. This large display is easier visually and ensures there is less risk of important information being overlooked. In comparison a laptop display is a great deal smaller at 13 or 15 inches, and often heavier to move around than the lightweight AIO monitors, which can be wall or cart mounted.

AIO Product Spotlight: Onyx Venus 22 inch Hot Swap AIO PC

This mobile medical cart computer is the perfect example of a tech solution for hospitals who want the best medical hardware that supports the needs and demands of busy staff. Gone is the need to push around a heavy cart from room to room looking for a power outlet to keep devices powered or to recharge batteries. The lightweight, cable free design makes the medical cart lighter and gives the mobility to move around the ward effortlessly and work efficiently.

all in one computer, onyx venus computer

Key highlights of the Onyx Venus Hot Swap AIO:

Sanitation management

Fanless and no vent hold design are both unique features of this AIO PC and drastically reduce the risk of cross-infection and make daily cleaning quick and safe. The sealed design makes the unit waterproof and comes with 1 metre drop protection.

Light battery

Only weighing 300g, the battery pack is much lighter than the traditional cart battery (20kg). The unique magnesium casing brings the total weight of this AIO Computer to only 5.5kg

Dual Hot Swap Batteries

Seamless care services are possible with the ability to swap out batteries on the go to maintain power supply. Each battery provides 6 hours of stable, non-stop service and recharging time is less than 2 hours per pack.

Flexible Power Output

In addition to being a fully mobile, cableless, battery powered unit, the Onyx Venus All In On PC can provide direct DC power to other medical devices and accessories.

Reading Light Bar

Avoid disturbing patients at night and improve comfort of reading to medical staff with the ergonomic reading light bar on this all in one computer.

Easy Upgrading

Due to the built-in battery design, you can upgrade existing non-computer or cable reliant pc medical carts easily. This product can be fitted to both new and existing carts.

For further information on the Onyx 22″ Hot Swap AIO PC, download the free product brochure here.


Interested In Seeing If You’ll Benefit From All In One Computers?

As you can see, there’s a lot going for the all in one PC, with an added bonus being they can be retrofitted to almost any current IT hardware setup. If you’d like to find out more about all in one computers and if they’d be suitable for your hospital or medical center, contact the expert team at Debetrek now.