Choosing The Right Medical Cart For Your Needs

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Keeping Up With The Digital Age: Workstations on Wheels and Mobile Medical Carts For The Modern Practitioner

Debetrek is one of Australia’s top providers of mobile medical carts. Our range of powered and non-powered medical carts and workstations on wheels are ideal for clients across hospitals, medical centres, dentists and aged care facilities who are looking to upgrade their systems and their technology.

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Why Choose Debetrek for your mobile medical cart?

Our mobile computer carts come in a wide range of options and are often at the core of most hospital fit outs, medical record upgrades and IT implementations.

To support all of our clients and to help them make an informed decision, we offer a free consultation and demonstration of the medical carts that we believe would be most suitable for your workplace.

Whether it is a new hospital, renovation or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) rollout you are currently working on, our end to end hospital fit-out services allow us to support you from planning, through to implementation and maintenance.


Choosing the Right Medical Laptop Cart for Your Needs:

We have an extensive range of medical carts, and here we outline the various options available when it comes to selecting, powering or upgrading your medical carts and devices:

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Powered Medical Carts vs Non-Powered Medical Carts:

When it comes to medical carts, the two main options are powered and non-powered. Both have their pros and cons, but portable, battery operated medical carts are fast becoming the industry standard, due to their ease of use and benefits such as being able to integrate technology into the cart itself.

Due to ever evolving and increasing dependency on technology and the number of devices required on medical carts, medical carts that can support technology are quickly shifting from a ‘preference’ to a ‘must’.


Non-powered carts:

Ergonomic Medical Cart, Mobile Medical Cart, Carefit Laptop CartNon-powered medical carts require power to be supplied from an external source such as a laptop. Our non-powered hospital carts, such as our C50 CareFit Laptop Cart are lightweight, easy to maneuver and are designed for ease of transport within hospitals and medical centres.

Our customisable designs give us the ability to turn our medical carts from simply being ‘portable workstations’ to ‘secure medication carts’, meaning physicians and healthcare workers can securely dispense medication whilst using their own laptops. As you can see, there are many benefits to having a non-powered, lightweight solution in your medical facility. Other product benefits include:

  • Full sit-to-stand functionality and height adjustability
  • Comprehensive ergonomic range allows clinicians to work comfortably
  • Space efficient – easily fits tightly against a wall when not in use
  • Works as a point-of-care solution both on the ward, and at a patient’s bedside
  • Hot swap power and add on power options for non-powered carts are available (meaning a 24/7 power supply with no downtime needed to recharge the device)


Powered Medical Carts:

Powered hospital carts are a fantastic option for healthcare facilities looking for a modern solution to their day-to-day workflow and point-of-care practices.

The efficiency of having the technology integrated and powered by internal systems allows for stronger standards of confidentiality, consistency and enhanced workflow productivity among workers.

With no real downside, apart from requiring recharging on a daily basis, powered medical carts offer an effective portable PC solution to the modern healthcare practice.


Hot Swap Powered Carts:

Scott Clark Batteries, Hot Swap PowerHot-swappable batteries are a clever solution that will keep your workstation on wheels or medical trolley powered 24/7 without downtime, the need to plug into a wall, or the need to wait for the system to be recharged. These hot-swap batteries can be safely removed and inserted into the power source of a computer without shutting down, rebooting or disrupting the power supply.

Scott Clark Hot Swap Power System:

Setting an industry standard, Scott Clark’s hot swap battery’s are one of the most powerful systems available. Used in hospital’s and medical centre’s throughout Australia, Debetrek’s range of Scott Clark Hot Swap Batteries utilise two mounting cases, which means that two batteries may be used simultaneously. When one of the batteries runs out, just replace it with one that has been charged. Key benefits include:

  • 5 year warranty
  • 330 Watt
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Both off and on cart charging

CyberNet Hot Swap Batteries:

Designed to be used with non-powered medical carts, CyberNet’s range of hot swap power batteries may be small in size, but they pack a punch, providing charge for up to 21 hours. Cybernet’s 22” and 24” all-in-one system’s come with 3 batteries, 12 month warranty, 8GB ram, 128GB SSD and PCAP touch.

Whilst they are a more compact and economical option, they don’t typically have as long of a life span as a solution such as the Scott Clark Hot Swap Battery.

If you would like to learn more about Debetrek’s hot swap battery options, which one would be most appropriate for you, or discuss how you can upgrade your current hospital carts, contact our team on 1300 141 142 or book a free demonstration.

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Which Power System Works Best? 

As you can see, whether you’re considering powered or non powered carts, they have a wide range of pros and cons with the ‘best’ solution largely coming down to your specific needs. With our extensive range of medical carts, at Debetrek we can completely customise a powered or non-powered solution to meet your needs, where some models can have additional shelves, trays and drawers added. 

State-of-the-art mobile medical carts, whether powered or non-powered, come with lots of benefits for the user including: 

  • high degree of mobility 
  • compact design 
  • height adjustability 
  • secure technology storage 
  • huge worksurface 
  • hospital grade plugs 
  • accessories/tools at your fingertips
  • large colour portfolio to match different medical disciplines


Have You Considered Retrofitting or Refurbishing Your Mobile Medical Carts?

If you are already using an existing fleet of carts, Debetrek can help refurbish, customise and/or upgrade your current medical carts to accommodate the needs of your healthcare practice. 

Benefits of retrofitting medical carts, instead of replacing them include:


Increases the life of your current medical carts


Keep up to date with the latest technology


Add hot-swap power for 24/7 power and reliability


Completely customised solutions


Maximise your budget

Your Experts in Medical Carts

In summary, the right mobile medical cart will depend on the needs of your healthcare practice. 

Debetrek offers a free demonstration on our wide range of medical carts, batteries and workstations on wheels so that you feel educated to make an informed decision and find an appropriate solution for your business.

Look after the needs of your staff and also keep up with the latest technology with Australia and New Zealand’s Trusted Experts in Hospital ICT Fitout and Hardware. Contact our team on 1300 141 142 and see how we can personally tailor your medical cart for your healthcare facility.