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Your hospitals and medical centres are specialised work environments that enable your doctors, nurses and caregivers to provide critical support to patients. Debetrek can help you optimise your workplaces by supplying you with only the best medical equipment that suppliers have to offer.

At Debetrek, we partner with the best medical equipment suppliers to bring Australian and New Zealand healthcare facilities well-designed, state-of-the-art, highly-efficient medical supplies and devices to your private, public and independent hospital’s workspace.

Ergotron Medical Carts

Ergorton are an award winning brand, well known for their professional grade designs, and have added another award to their collection as recent recipients of the Good Design Award. Ergotron were applauded for their innovative approach to medical equipment, with their full-featured Carefit Pro Medical Cart. The cart is one of many Debetrek supply and was designed to enable untethered productivity, ergonomic customisation and meet the needs of fast-paced, modern patient care.

In this article, we review and provide an overview of the different types of Ergotron Medical Carts including:

Ergotron Laptop Carts

Debetrek’s medical laptop carts are trusted by medical professionals and healthcare facilities. Coming with the guarantee of ergonomics and wellness, these cart units are the sit-stand pioneers and may lessen the burden placed on caregivers when accessing patient information and moving from room to room.

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, Ergotron’s innovative approach to laptop carts results in designs that improve comfort ergonomically, and with the extensive height range adjustment these machines offer, they can be both admired and enjoyed by hospital staff.

Benefits of Laptop Carts:


Faster Access to Quality Healthcare

Our laptop carts provide an environment where everything is easily accessible through the laptops you already use. Key patient data is readily available and medical supplies are within reach anytime, anywhere.


Eliminate Human Error

Have peace of mind all the time, because with our laptop carts and drug management software, the possibility of entering incorrect information is significantly reduced. Patient information is correctly recorded and the data is safely stored – thanks to the integrated barcode scanners that can be added to the cart.


Improved Workflow, Eliminate Accidents

Laptop carts help avoid accidents by eliminating the need to move back and forth to a set medical record location. Further, these carts can be fitted with rechargeable batteries or hot swap power designed to ensure continuous workflow.

Ergotron Australia Medical Carts
Styleview Laptop Cart

SV10 StyleView Laptop Cart

This compact-framed mobile laptop cart seamlessly moves to the point of need – with the laptop it is holding fastened securely on top for effortless data entry.

SV42 StyleView Cart

The SV42 comes with an open-architecture design that allows accommodation of multiple configurations (CPU and monitor, closed notebook with monitor, and more.

StyleView Laptop Cart, SV10

Ergotron LCD Medical Carts

With a heritage of technology that ensures all their products always work smoothly and easily even under severe stress, our hospital equipment suppliers are committed to providing a wide selection of the best-in-class solutions for the healthcare industry.

Ergotron’s medical carts are proof of such commitment. Their line of medical carts deliver ergonomics, durability and industry-leading performance. The innovative carts address modern day’s healthcare IT challenges and offer hospital staff with an easy and comfortable means of accessing technology, medications and patient data throughout the work shift.

Benefits of LCD Carts:

Top-of-the-line Ergotron LCD medical carts enhance patient and caregiver experience in these key areas:


Increases Confidentially

Increases confidentially: With mobile computing capabilities, patients will no longer have to be anxious about their information being on display.


Increases Efficiency for Care Provision

Improve your data entry process because more of it can be done while physically attending to the needs of the patient.


Reduced Errors

All information can be verified immediately, ensuring that all data held in the system and all that will be entered is free from error.

Debetrek mobile medical carts, ergotron australia LCD carts
Australian mobile medicla workstation supplier

C50 CareFit LCD Cart

Full benefits include antimicrobial protection, maximum adjustable height range, adjustments for screen placement, and storage for hardware and hospital supplies.

SV42 StyleView Cart with LCD Pivot

Benefits include full recharge in approximately two hours, innovative open-architecture design, sit-stand options and a keyboard that has the ability to pivot from side-to-side, offering increased comfort. 

Ergotron Styleview Cart with LCD Pivot

Specialty Ergotron Carts

As leaders in medical carts, Ergotron has also powered their range with their latest additions, such as Telepresence Carts, Thermal Imaging Carts and Vaccination Carts.


Ergotron Telepresence Medical Cart

Empower your telehealth services with this medical cart. It enables remote delivery of care and timely diagnostics, and is configured to conveniently hold all your telepresence equipment. In addition, its open architecture allows integration of your existing computers and mobile communications devices.

With this medical cart, you can confidently create a telemedicine platform that suits your budget and needs.


Ergotron Thermal Imaging Medical Cart

This medical cart quickly detects and reports a temperature in high-traffic areas, offices and healthcare centres. Simply move the camera to any location for quick temperature reading.

This medical device has a compact design that allows it to effortlessly manoeuvre through narrow corridors and fit in small spaces. It also features a hot-swap battery system offering continuous power supply without depending on outlets.


Ergotron Vaccination Cart

This medical cart is all you need to support your vaccination workflows, especially in this challenging time of COVID-19. This cart is easy to move and provides maximised infection control within the workplace. With this machine, you can easily bring vaccination workflows outside the walls of your clinic to non-traditional points of care.

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Your Experts in Medical Carts

Since 1982 Ergotron has been creating human-centered ergonomic products and kinetic work environments, designed to move you. As a movement company they are passionate about helping workers incorporate neutral posture, voluntary motion and rest time with a focus on comfortable computing. 

With Ergotron’s medical carts, you can perform your healthcare tasks in a distraction-free environment that allows you to push your capabilities to the limit. Ergotron leads the industry with their human-centred ergonomic designs, eliminating constraints from how people work and engage with technology.

As the leading supplier for Ergotron in Australia and New Zealand, and provider of maintenance and repair services, 
Debetrek is the trusted partner and supplier for hospitals and healthcare facilities
. We can work with you to find the best equipment setup for your business.

To find out how Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted medical equipment supplier can provide your business with a complete and comprehensive solution to ICT fit outs and medical equipment, book a demo today.