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Debetrek is a leading supplier of Ergotron medical mounts and wall mounted workstations for hospitals and medical centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. With over 20 years experience in the medical industry, our specialised team understands the specific work environment needed to help support medical staff to provide quality patient care.

To deliver a complete solution for medical facilities, we have partnered with Ergotron Australia. Ergoton is a Ergotron is a leader in ergonomics, with one of the most extensive ranges of monitor arms and wall mounted workstations. These are designed to create extra space in patients’ rooms, along with the flexibility needed for individual patient care.

The wall-mounted products that we supply at Debetrek provides effortless movement for patients and staff. In this article, we will review the most popular Ergotron Monitor Arms and Workstations that we stock. Whilst we do provide an extensive range, our team will work personally with your project manager to configure the right fit-out that will suit your hospital or medical centre.

The range of products that we will review here include:


Ergotron Monitor Wall Mounts

When it comes to healthcare, there is an increasing dependency on computers and monitor screens. From administration staff, to pharmacy, radiology, doctors and nurses – medical technology plays an integral part when delivering patient care. Healthcare professionals are spending an increasing amount of time in front of computer screens. So it’s important that these monitors are configured in an ergonomic way to ensure the health and safety of healthcare workers.

Ergotron’s range of monitor arms allows for monitors to be adjusted with precision, regardless of whether the healthcare provider is sitting or standing. Ergotron have been manufacturing monitor arms for almost 30 years, leading the way in innovation of effective monitor use. Debetrek supplies a wide range of Ergotron desk mounts and wall mounts that best suit your individual hospital facility needs.


Benefits of Ergotron Medical Mounts

Benefits of Ergotron Medical Mounts

Professional Grade for Long Lasting

Ergotron Monitor Mounts are professional grade. This means that they have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet the high demands of the medical industry. They provide support for heavy workload use, whilst still remaining ergonomic for the long haul.

Flexible Design

The range of Monitor Arms provided by Ergotron allows you to choose where you place your monitor, including larger screens. They allow flexibility to suit any space, while still maintaining a sleek design. All while providing ergonomic comfort, regardless of whether sitting or standing.

Multiple Arm Configurations

The majority of Ergotron Monitor Mount range that we provide allows for multiple configurations, including stacking, arm extensions, and horizontal vs vertical screen alignment. This allows your hospital staff to configure their monitors that best suits the working space and intended use of the screens.


Ergotron Medical Mounts

The range of Ergotron Desk Mounts provides hospital staff with superior flexibility and first-class ergonomics. They provide human-centred designs, allowing elimination of constraints in how hospital staff work and engage with technology.

Ergotron is exceptional in terms of providing extension and retraction motion with their mounts, and the height adjustment systems that they offer promote excellent user comfort. This helps to support medical facilities to look after their worker’s health, while increasing overall work efficiency.

Ergotron HX Desk Mount

Ergotron HX Desk MountProviding a sleek design with easy-to-use display adjustment, the HX Desk Mount allows you to position your display with expandable and retractable height adjustment. This helps to promote user comfort, while allowing for increased productivity regardless of the surrounding space.

View Ergotron HX Desk Mount

Ergotron HX Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Ergotron HX Dual Monitor Desk MountThe HX Dual Desk Mount provides similar features to the HX Desk Mount, with the key difference providing for 2x monitors. When working with a tight configuration, an unused arm can be folded away to create space. Bowed hinges also allow for precise monitor placement.

View Ergotron HX Dual Monitor Desk Mount


Ergotron Wall Mounts

Our range of Ergotron Wall Mounts ensures that hospital staff are provided with the ability to work comfortably while saving space. They are a great solution when working in high-traffic areas that require low-profile workstations and ergonomics. This can include areas of a medical facility such as corridors, emergency rooms and surgery centres.

Ergotron LX HD Articulated Wall Arm

Ergotron LX HD Articulated Wall ArmThis wall arm is ideal for space-constrained areas of your medical facility. The range of motion provided with this arm ensures your staff can easily access the monitor, regardless of sitting or standing. This arm accommodates for a range of monitor sizes, including TVs.

View Ergotron LX HD Articulated Wall Arm


Ergotron Wall Workstations

When it comes to fitting out workstations, Debetrek takes the time needed to work with your project manager to identify your hospital’s individual needs. We choose to partner with Ergotron to supply their Wall Workstations due to their popularity, quality and practicality. This ensures your staff have access to workstations that will provide ease-of-use, and will last in a high-demanding environment. We stock a wide range of flush wall-mounted workstations.

Benefits of Wall Workstations

Benefits of Ergotron Wall Workstation

Ideal for High Traffic Areas

Wall workstations are ideal for high traffic areas that require a low-profile mounting solution. They allow for monitor height adjustment, along with keyboard trays that can be stowed away when not in use, and are configured at an angle that ensures workers wrists are free from strain.

Height Adjustable for Easy Access

These wall mounts provide a range of height adjustments that easily caters for averaged male and female heights. Caregivers can quickly and easily adjust the height of monitors for increased work productivity.

Effective Cable Management

Easily store wires, cables and cords out of the way. The range of Ergotron wall workstations provide cable access openings to allow cords to be passed through safely to wall outlets. This helps to improve both patient and caregiver safety.


Flush Ergotron Wall Workstations

Flush wall workstations provide the ability to be folded into a slim, compact unit when not in use. This makes these workstations ideal for use in hallways and for maximising small spaces. Provide your caregivers with the safety they need when working in tight spaces and crowded rooms.

Ergotron Carefit Wall Mount Workstation

Ergotron Carefit Wall Mount WorkstationWith an additional work surface supplied for keyboard and mouse, this is a perfect companion for data entry. This workstation also provides for improved hygiene and organisation with efficient cable management.

View Ergotron Carefit Wall Mount Workstation

Styleview Flush Wall Mount

Styleview Flush Wall MountThis is your ideal companion if space is tight. When the keyboard tray is folded up, this wall mount compacts to only 4 inches in depth. This also provides seamless adjustable height to suit a range of healthcare users.

View Styleview Flush Wall Mount


Ergotron Articulating Wall Workstation

Our range of Ergotron Articulated Wall Mounts provide for keyboard trays, vital sign wall mounting, and LCD display mounting. Keyboard trays can be tilted all the way back for convenient stowing, while monitors and vital sign devices are provided with unparalleled range of motion.

LX Articulated Workstation

LX Articulated WorkstationProvide your healthcare workers with a complete sit/stand solution to suit their individual work needs. Keyboards can be folded away, and the monitor and keyboard tray can be easily retracted back towards the wall when not in use.

View LX Articulated Workstation

Styleview Combo Wall Mount

Styleview Combo Wall MountThis combo wall mount allows your caregivers to easily move their keyboard, mouse and monitor all in one swift movement. The adjustable height provides the option to work in both a sitting or standing position.

View Styleview Combo Wall Mount


Choosing an Expert in Ergotron Medical Mounts and Wall Workstations

As one of the leading partners of Ergotron products throughout Australia and New Zealand, Debetrek are a trusted supplier of Ergotron monitor mounts. We provide you with a turn-key solution to ensure your medical facility is fitted with the most appropriate Ergotron monitor arms and wall mounts for your individual practice.

We are also a leading partner when it comes to Ergotron product repairs and maintenance. We provide you with a cost-effective maintenance schedule, giving you peace of mind that your medical equipment will remain in good working order with minimal disruption for your caregivers.

To provide you with a complete solution for your hospital fitout, we also supply a wide range of quality Medical IT Devices to support your healthcare workers.

No matter what your medical facility requirements and configuration is, our expert team will ensure you find the right combination for your individual business. Book a free demonstration today, so that our team can work with you to provide a comprehensive solution for your hospital fit out.