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Keeping your EMM System Streamlined and Safe with Secure Medication Management Solutions

The challenge of adopting an Electronic Medication Management (EMM) system into healthcare centres and hospitals is using multiple systems within the organisation that needs to communicate with each other. 

The issue with this is that the use of multiple systems is typically NOT strategically planned. As a result, the risk of a communication breakdown between physicians and other areas within the multidisciplinary team increases. This can also increase the risk of duplicate data and complex workflow within your organisation.

For an EMM system to be implemented effectively, the functionality must be tailored for your specific healthcare environment. This is true regardless of an established hospital rolling out a new system, or a new hospital implementing their EMM System for the first time.

secure medication management solution

Working with leading Hospital Equipment Suppliers to establish your EMM

This is where the Debtrek difference comes in. The team at Debetrek work with your primary stakeholders within the organisation to ensure the correct configuration of your EMM. We take a holistic approach when it comes to integrating medication management software and equipment. We ensure that the core pieces of medical equipment needed are integrated with the appropriate secure medication management software.

This helps to establish safety, security and communication around medication management. Here is an overview of the key pieces of equipment that we typically use when configuring Electronic Medication Management systems, including:


Enhancing patient care

Modeus Drug Management Software

The first piece to consider when configuring your EMM is the software behind it. The Modeus HS8 Controlled Drug Management Software allows you to simplify your workflows. It is designed to be used across all areas in hospitals where controlled drugs are stored. This includes Theatres, Wards and Pharmacies.

The platform provides accurate controlled drug processes, and allows for seamless integration with existing systems. This helps to automate and streamline administrative tasks across different areas within the hospital.

The core benefits of the HS8 include:

HS8 Controlled Drug Management Software

Improved Monitoring of Controlled Drugs

The HS8 meets government and regulatory compliance and safety rules. This ensures that your hospital remains compliant when it comes to medication management, and minimises the risk of drug diversion or fraud.

An alert system shows you in real-time and alerts staff of any breaches. The system also allows for customisable workflows to help with specific regulatory or compliance requirements.

Reduced Operational Costs

This system integrates with existing pharmacy inventory systems. This helps to reduce errors between pharmacy, ward and theatres and maintains accuracy hospital-wide.

By managing when stock refills are needed, the pharmacy can be proactive in maintaining optimal stock levels. This also provides a paperless solution via electronic records.

Easy to Use System

The design of HS8 was collaborated by medical professionals. The end result is a software system that can be easily used by hospital staff with a great user experience.

There is minimal learning time to be able to use this system. This also provides customised reporting for easy visibility of medication stock levels and drug management.

secure medication management

Remote Medication Access Lock

The Remote Medication Access Lock is a wireless remote locking device, designed to provide governance in facilitating controlled drug management. The lock is temperature-controlled and can be attached to either the right-hand-side or left-hand-side of the safe.
As a leading distributor of medication lock box Australia, Debetrek integrates our Remote Medication Management Device with the HS8 Electronic Controlled Drug Platform. This ensures a holistic solution for hospitals and facilitates the reduction of controlled drug diversion.

The key benefits of using a lockable medicine box in hospitals include:

Remote Medication Access Lock

Temperature Controlled

Using Bluetooth technology of a wireless locking device, this lock is ideal for temperature-sensitive medications. The lock is temperature-controlled and can be attached to any refrigerator or safe.

This temperature gauge measures both internal and external temperature and also includes a humidity sensor, ensuring that medications are stored stably at the correct temperature.

Track Inventory

Provides your hospital with the ability to track inventory of the items that are stored inside. This helps to reduce inventory costs, and improve visibility, with easier management and auditing.

This solution also provides tiered access and remote management, which allows for managed users to be integrated seamlessly into this system.

Integrate With Existing Hardware

The remote medication access lock can be attached externally to most storage devices, creating a  lockable medicine storage box. This includes physical devices, safes, cabinets and refrigerators.  This provides your hospital with an economical way to secure your existing medication storage rooms and cabinets and integrate them with existing hardware. It provides electronic locking via HS8 to help improve the management of inventory.

Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Using Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC) allows you to quickly and easily distribute the right medication to the right patient. It’s important that this solution is customisable for the unique needs of each individual hospital and healthcare facility. The solutions for Automated Dispensing Cabinets offered by Debetrek provide greater flexibility to adapt to different locations and facility needs. These cabinets are modular, which means they can be configured to store and manage all types of medications.

Key benefits of using an Automated Medication Dispensing System include:

Modular and Scalable Solutions

We provide modular and flexible solutions which can be scaled to your hospital’s changing needs. This allows for easier management based on changing locations, increased drug transaction volumes, storage capacity requirements and changing operational needs.

We offer a range of solutions including:

  • Tabletop ADC
  • Half Tower ADC
  • Full Tower ADC

Reduction in Inventory Costs

Our flexible ADC options make it easy for hospitals to implement and adjust controlled drug requirements to fit into your individual budget. You can optimise your inventory much easier, and staff will be able to spend less time at the cabinet, with the medication management already delivered and ready to go.

Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Care
With medication costs continually rising, there are growing concerns around patient and staff safety. Using hospital automatic dispensing machines makes for a safer and more accurate medication delivery system. ADC’s help to minimise the risk of human error through drug diversion, missing doses, and medication errors.

Increase Staff Efficiency and Medication Tracking
Using an automated medication dispenser helps to increase the efficiency between pharmacy and nursing staff, allowing for more time to be focused on clinical activities. The correct setup of ADC’s also helps to ensure that your hospital is meeting strict Australian regulatory requirements by improving medication management and tracking.

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Debetrek Pharmacy Safe

Debetrek Pharmacy Safe is a medication lock box that hospitals can use to store controlled drugs, while at the same time can manage user access and control inventory. Our Debetrek series is modular, providing you with a flexible solution that can grow with your healthcare facility. There are different configurations available including:

  • Double Primary
  • Double Auxiliary
  • Half Tower Primary with Auxiliary
Key benefits of using a lockable medicine storage box provided by Debetrek includes:

  • Flexible and modular, to suit your specific facility’s needs
  • Enhances your compliance and ensures regulatory obligations are met
  • Improved accountability of controlled drug distribution
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Streamlined automation and improved efficiency of administration tasks

Using Hospital Equipment Suppliers to integrate your Secure Medication Management Solutions

At Debetrek, we understand that every hospital, pharmacy and medical centre has its own unique needs and requirements. As the leading hospital equipment supplier, we are backed by over 30 years of experience.
Debetrek can help you configure the best solution for your hospital’s specific needs and budget to ensure accurate and timely medication management across all your locations.

If you’d like to know more about our range of secure medication management solutions, speak to the team at Debetrek today.