Supporting Health Practitioners across Australia and New Zealand to Deliver Efficient, Quality Patient Care using Workstation on Wheels, How Swap Power and Mobile Computers


Today, more than ever, it is imperative that healthcare workers are provided with equipment and technology that truly support them in doing their tasks effectively. Reducing, or even eliminating, unnecessary inefficiencies can make substantial impacts on staff and patient experiences alike.

Looking at your healthcare facility, what can you do to better support your teams, and as a result, provide improved patient care?

Elevated safety in your workplace, reduction in human error and increased productivity are just some of the benefits that can be experienced by integrating the following ideas into your workplace.

You can better support your healthcare practitioners by equipping them with:

  • Workstations on Wheels
  • Easy Access to Records
  • Continuous Hot Swap Power
One Stop Workstation on Wheels Australia

Providing improved patient care using one-stop workstation on wheels


One-Stop Workstations On Wheels

While not a new kid on the block, workstations on wheels, or medical carts, have become more reliable and flexible since first being used in the nineties in hospital settings. These days, they are quite literally a one stop shop for busy medical practitioners.

One cart can replicate an office, holding:


Medical carts offer a host of benefits for staff and patients, the primary being that they save time and increase efficiency. Practitioners can access what they need in one place, instead of having to dart between different areas of the facility, and provide the patient with more focus and continuity of care.

Workstations on wheels and the various components are designed with medical grade washable materials, making them easy and quick to clean and as they are cordless, they’re safe to manoeuvre.

Investing in quality medical carts for your team is a fantastic way to support them in delivering the best care they can.


Easy Access To Records With Fully Equipped Medical Carts

In order for practitioners to make accurate assessments for patients, they need to have quick and easy access to the latest patient records.

Back in April 2020 there were close to 23 million My Health Records in Australia. With everything from scan results to allergies, medical history and current medications, it is clear that the medical sector is embracing digital record keeping. As always, it is paramount that patient records are up to date, accurate and secure so any healthcare practitioners accessing the data can provide the best care possible.

There are two powerful options that you can invest in for your practitioners to be able to have patient data at their fingertips at any point during their shifts, including:

  1. All-in-One Computers, and;
  2. Mobile Computers


1. All-in-One Computers

Models such as the Onyx Venus All-in-One Computer are designed to mount onto any medical cart, with universal fixtures, removing the need for staff to carry paper files or having to return to static stations to gather updated details. All in One Computers such as this product, have everything contained in the individual unit. Easy to clean, light to move and running on high quality hot swap battery power, they are a game changing upgrade for your workstations with wheels.

The Onyx Venus can be customised to include a barcode scanner for medications and has dimmable light settings so staff can access records and other vital details without disturbing resting patients.

Buy Onyx Venus All In One Computer

The Onyx Venus All In One Computer allows for easy access to patient records.


2. Mobile Computer

The Honeywell CT40 Mobile Computer is a great example of tech that empowers practitioners to perform a wide range of tasks including rapid access to records. These units are built for healthcare and are around the size of an average mobile phone, durable with touchscreen functionality and barcode scanning capability. Teams can access all required patient data in a matter of moments and the unit records which practitioner was using the device at any given time.

This handheld powerhouse is certainly worth considering for your team.

Buy Honeywell Mobile Computer

The Honeywell Mobile Computer is specifically designed for robust use by nurses with exceptional patient data security.


Continuous Hot Swap Power

Practitioners need to know they can trust they will have access to continuous power as they use equipment and tech to perform a multitude of tasks. A drawback of workstations on wheels can be a lack of reliable power, but thankfully this issue has been resolved with the arrival of Hot Swap Power.

Essentially, hot swap power is a medical cart battery. The batteries easily slot into place on the mobile workstation and there are additional units on the cart mounted in brackets ready to swap over once the current battery starts to run low on juice.

One of the many benefits of hot swap power is the medical cart does not need to be turned off or restarted, ensuring continuity of care. The back up batteries charge quickly and can easily be attached to your existing workstations on wheels for a quick and powerful upgrade.

Buy Scott Clark Hot Swap Power

Using Scott Clark Hot Swap Power ensures patient care remains uninterrupted all-day-long.


Ready To Support Your Team To Deliver Even Better Healthcare?

Support your healthcare teams with industry specific technology that enables them to do their jobs with more ease and less stress. If you remove as many inefficiencies as possible by providing them with the best set up, they can focus on what they do best.

Investing in devices built for healthcare settings is also investing in your practitioners and the improved care outcomes for patients who visit your facility.

If you would like to discuss the most suitable devices and products for your healthcare setting, get in touch with the experienced team at Debetrek today.