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Providing The Best Medical Carts And Workstations On Wheels

Debetrek are specialists in providing complete medical cart solutions for healthcare workers. We provide fully customisable mobile medical carts that ensure your healthcare facility can operate efficiently and safely.

Look after the needs of your healthcare workers with ergonomic medical workstations on wheels. Our mobile computer and laptop carts provide caregivers with comfortable and straightforward solutions at point-of-care. The workstations we provide are fully mobile, adjustable, and powered, allowing clinicians and allied health professionals to perform the best under demanding environments.

We provide specialty medical workstations on wheels across a range of healthcare industries. Our customised cart solutions allow you to create an all-in-one medical computer cart on wheels. As a mobile medical cart, we can cater for many specialties, including foetal monitoring, med dispensing and dual screens, just to name a few.

We partner with the best manufacturers of mobile medical carts across Australia, including Ergotron, Humanscale and Howard Medical. We power these workstations with quality hot-swap batteries from Scott Clark and Ergotron Life Kinnex to ensure your staff remains fully mobile and can provide reliable 24-hour patient care.

Debetrek Deliver Complete Medical Cart Solutions

When you partner with Debetrek, you receive a fully tailored solution for your healthcare facility. We specialise in mobile workstation fit-outs for medical centres, aged care facilities and hospitals. Our wide range of premium mobile medical carts and hot-swap batteries gives you peace of mind that your staff can perform at their best and provide efficient medical care to patients.

We maintain and service thousands of carts Australia wide. We are ISO 9001 accredited and are a certified service centre for Ergotron. All Scott Clark power systems are maintained and supported from Australia. Rest assured, if any issues arise with your medical cart (or related equipment), our specialist team will have you back up and running quickly with our 24-hour care. We are well known for our reliability and serviceability, ensuring your medical centre can run with minimal disruptions.

Trust a professional to install and maintain your medical cart solutions. Book a free demo online today with one of our certified professionals and see how we can personally tailor workstations for your medical facility.

Ergotron Vaccination Cart

Ergotron Vaccination Cart

Vaccination Cart Support safe and efficient COVID-19 and other vaccination workflows. This height-adjustable, mobile cart travels beyond clinic walls for mass vaccinations with easy access to critical supplies. Optional hot-swap power provides uninterrupted runtime in...

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Scott Clark Hot Swap Power System

Scott Clark Hot Swap Power System

Scott Clark Hot Swap Power System Debetrek - Scott Clark Hot Swap Scott Clark Battery System can be added to our Ergotron and HC range of non-powered medical carts. You can also retro-fit your existing non-powered carts with our hot swap power system for a cost...

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SV41 Styleview LCD Cart

SV41 Styleview LCD Cart

SV41 Styleview LCD Cart Ergotron - SV41-6300-0 This innovative, truly ergonomic and easy-to-maneuver healthcare cart features sit-to-stand height adjustment, independent screen positioning, side-to-side keyboard motion and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray.Product...

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Supporting Healthcare Professionals with Medical Computer Carts

Debetrek is Australia’s leading provider of medical computer carts. Our range of powered and non-powered medical carts are ideal for hospitals, medical facilities and aged care.

When upgrading your carts and devices, we have an extensive range of medical carts to suit your practice needs.

Medical Tablet Carts

Create flexibility for your nursing staff when using mobile tablets. Debetrek’s range of medical tablet carts provides users with comfort, productivity and safety in the workplace.

These carts are height-adjustable, lightweight, and fully portable, whether sitting or standing. The ergonomic features ensure that tablet screens can be positioned to the correct angle and height and leave enough room for a mouse and other items.

With safety a key issue in medical facilities, our range of medical tablet carts provides an ultra-stable work surface and is easy to clean and sanitise.

View our Table Carts

LCD Carts

Debetrek proudly supplies LCD carts that boast superb quality and functionality. Our range of LCD carts come either powered or non-powered, depending on your hospital needs.

With the safety of medical staff in mind, our range of LCD carts offers a broad range of height adjustments with multiple user settings. The configuration of each cart ensures they remain compact in design, are lightweight, and are easy to maneuver.

We can help you choose the equipment that will meet your needs across medicine dispensary, secure storage, telehealth and flexible patient care.

View our LCD Carts

Medical Laptop Carts

Give your staff the ability to provide safe and effective patient care with our range of medical laptop carts. These carts are fully flexible, with accessible adjusting platforms to keep your workers safe and mobile.

Medical laptop carts allow for flexible configuration, so you can tailor your cart to hold different equipment such as scanners, keyboards, wastebaskets and powered battery packs. This will enable you to configure your cart to enhance work efficiency and quality patient care.

With gliding caster wheels and compact design, your medical laptop cart can be effortless moved across your medical facility, whether carpeted or hard-surfaced floors.

View our Medical Laptop Carts

Powered Medical Carts

Powered medical carts are a fantastic option for healthcare facilities looking for a modern solution to their day-to-day workflow and point-of-care practices.

The efficiency of having technology integrated and powered by internal systems allows for more continuity in your service, enhanced workflow and overall productivity.

Our powered carts are innovative, easy to maneuver, and truly ergonomic. They come with sit-to-stand height adjustments, adjustable keyboard trays and independent screen positioning.

View our Powered Medical Carts

Non-Powered Cart

Non-powered medical computer carts on wheels require power to be supplied from an external source such as a laptop. Our non-powered hospital carts are lightweight, easy to maneuver and are designed for ease of transport within hospitals and medical centres.

Our customisable designs allow us to turn our medical carts from simply being ‘portable workstations’ to ‘secure medication carts’, meaning physicians and healthcare workers can securely dispense medication whilst using their laptops or tablets.

Vaccination Cart

With the increasing demand for vaccination workflow, our height-adjustable carts ensure that staff have adequate and mobile access to critical vaccination supplies.

Debetrek offers fully customisable mobile medical carts that can be configured to meet your medical centre’s vaccination needs. Our carts can easily travel to multiple locations, securely store syringes and other hazardous materials, and keep other supplies easily accessible.

We offer a range of tailored powered and non-powered vaccination carts to provide your medical facility with non-stop patient care and efficiency in administering much-needed vaccinations.

View our Vaccination Cart

Hot-Swap Power

Hot-swap batteries allow you to keep your medical workstation on wheels powered 24/7 without downtime, the need to plug into a wall, or the need to wait for the system to be recharged. These hot-swap batteries can be safely removed and provide power to computers and other devices without hutting down, rebooting or disrupting the power supply.

Hot-swap technology eliminates the need to switch off your device and allows you to continue using it for non-stop care provision. Simply remove the battery that has run out (leaving the other battery to continuously operate the device) and put it back in its case after charging.

View our Hot Swap Power solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Mobile Medical Cart?
Medical carts are used across professional healthcare facilities in Australia and New Zealand. Also known as a medical workstation on wheels, these carts are commonly used to access and transport medical-grade computers, laptops, devices and other equipment around the hospital premises.
This provides a level of efficiency for doctors and nursing staff to provide fast and effective care to patients, without being restricted to nursing bays or consulting rooms.
What Is The Difference Between Powered Medical Carts vs Non-Powered Medical Carts?

When it comes to medical carts, the two main categories are powered and non-powered:

  • Powered Medical Carts: provide a power source for computers and other equipment.
  • Non-Powered Medical Carts: do not offer a battery, which means computers and other equipment must use their own power source or batteries.

Both categories have their pros and cons. However, portable, battery-operated medical carts are fast becoming the industry standard due to their ease of use and benefits, such as integrating technology into the cart itself.

Why Choose Debetrek for Your Mobile Medical Cart?

Our mobile medical carts come in a wide range of options and are often at the core of most hospital fit-outs, medical record upgrades and IT implementations.

To support all of our clients and to help them make an informed decision, we offer a free consultation and demonstration of the medical carts that we believe would be most suitable for your workplace.

Whether it is a new hospital, renovation or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) rollout you are currently working on, our end-to-end hospital fit-out services allow us to support you from planning to implementation and maintenance.

What Are The Benefits of Medical Laptop Carts?

Medical laptop carts promote patient safety, and manufacturers of these devices have empowered them to hold tablets, laptops and workstations of different sizes and numbers. Debetrek’s medical carts offer these abilities and more.

Bringing these portable medical carts to patients’ rooms ensures that everything needed to provide care is at caregivers’ fingertips. This also means that they don’t have to make multiple trips to get additional supplies and medications. This will help avoid wasting time that otherwise would have been used for providing care at bedsides.

Other benefits include improved patient engagement, infection control and reduced costs.

Can Debetrek Customise My Medical Cart?

With our extensive range of medical carts, Debetrek can completely customise a powered or non-powered solution to meet your needs. Some models can have additional shelves, trays and drawers added.

Customised mobile medical carts come with a range of benefits for the user including:

  • High degree of mobility
  • Compact design
  • Height adjustability
  • Secure technology storage
  • Large work surface
  • Hospital-grade plugs
  • Accessories/tools at your fingertips
  • Large colour portfolio to match different medical disciplines

If you’re looking to customise medical carts for your health care facility, Debetrek offers a free demonstration on our wide range of medical carts, batteries and medical workstations on wheels. We want you to feel educated to make an informed decision and find an appropriate solution for your business.

Should I Consider Refurbishing My Mobile Medical Cart?

If you are already using an existing fleet of carts, Debetrek can help refurbish, customise and/or upgrade your current medical carts to accommodate the needs of your healthcare practice.

Benefits of retrofitting medical carts instead of replacing them include:

  • Increases the life of your current medical carts
  • Keep up to date with the latest technology
  • Add hot-swap power for 24/7 power and reliability
  • Completely customised solutions
  • Maximise your budget
What Brands Does Debetrek Provide for Medical Carts?

Debetrek proudly offers hospitals and healthcare providers quality devices and hardware. Our manufacturers of choice include:

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