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Seal Shield Seal Glow

Seal Shield Seal Glow

Seal Shield SEAL - Glow Silicone Keyboard Seal-shield - S106G2 Waterproof, Antimicrobial Product Protection, Silicone Style, Backlit, Quick Connect Cable with Seal Cap, Black, USB Available in White or BlackTechnical Specifications Material: Silicone Cord: Quick...

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Seal Shield Silver Seal

Seal Shield Silver Seal

Silver Seal Backlit Waterproof Keyboard Seal-shield- SSWKSV207G Waterproof, Antimicrobial Product Protection, Plastic Standard Style, Quick Connect Cable with Seal Cap, White, USB – QWERTYsTechnical Specifications Material: ABS Cord: Quick Connect Connection: USB...

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Man and Machine D Cool

Man and Machine D Cool

Man and Machine D Cool Silicone Keyboard Man Machine - DCOOL/W5 (White) or DCOOL/B5 (Black) Sealed Value Keyboard The D Cool Keyboard is the budget friendly washable keyboard available in hygienic white or black. The D Cool keyboard is a good solution for users in...

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Man and Machine L Cool

Man and Machine L Cool

Man and Machine L Cool Silicone Keyboard Man Machine - LCOOL/W5 (White) or LCOOL/B5 (Black) Modern Style That is Easy To Use If your staff is looking for a washable keyboard with standard tactile feedback, check out the L Cool. This keyboard features umbrella style...

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Man and Machine Its Cool

Man and Machine Its Cool

Man and Machine Its Cool Keyboard Man Machine - ITC/W5 (White) or ITC/B5 (Black) , Drape Code DRAPE/ITS/US (White) The Its Cool is a stylish keyboard that will help keep your staff clean and healthy. The keyboard features a modern design, and the look and feel that...

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Medical Keyboards

Medical Keyboards play a vital role in healthcare centres and hospitals. They help protect the health and safety of both patients and staff. A medical keyboard is designed to resist spills and is easy to clean. This is important in a busy medical setting where liquids and other contaminants can be quickly spread.

In addition, a medical keyboard features special function keys that can be used for healthcare workers to access medical information and documents quickly. Staff in medical environments need to monitor and update patient medical records constantly. Given this, it’s essential to have a keyboard that makes this process quick and simple.


Why Medical Environments Choose Debetrek

At Debetrek, our range of keyboards is often available in many different designs, sizes and colours to help suit your particular office or healthcare space.

Our project specialists have assisted customers across Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. We present hospitals with equipment manufactured with quality, hygiene and user-friendliness in mind.

When you request to find out more details of our devices, we partner you with a dedicated manager who takes the time to assess your office and work area and answer any questions you have along the way.

We do this to give you peace of mind that you are acquiring the right equipment suitable for your team to provide quality patient care with prices that suit your fit-out budget.


Features of a Medical Keyboard for Hospitals

When choosing a medical keyboard for your healthcare facility, here are some key features to consider:

  • Material: Medical keyboards are designed with various materials such as stainless steel and ABS plastic. Brands such as Seal Shield also use plastic, acrylic, or glass materials in their keyboards. Their devices provide enhanced protection to help prolong the life of your keyboard.
  • Silicone Waterproof Keyboard: Lookout for fully washable keyboards that can easily resist spills. Medical keyboards are easy to clean with water or a disinfectant wipe, which is necessary for busy medical centres where germs and other contaminants are likely to circulate.
  • Antimicrobial: Medical keyboards are also antimicrobial and can resist bacteria and other microbes. This is important in a busy medical setting as it can help prevent the likelihood of infection.
  • Low Profile Keys: Medical keyboards come with special function keys that can be used to access medical information and documents quickly.
  • Detachable Cable: Most medical keyboards come with detachable cables, which is helpful for when it needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Adjustable Rubber Foot Stand: Medical keyboards also have a rubber foot stand that can be adjusted to various angles to support ergonomic design when using the computer or laptop.
  • Size: Medical keyboards come in various sizes and are great for any medical centre, whether it’s a small family practice or a large hospital facility.
  • Bluetooth Connection: a medical keyboard with a Bluetooth connection provides your hospital staff with a mobile solution to help eliminate wires restricting your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medical Keyboard?
Keyboards are one of the most significant contamination sources of germs, particularly in medical settings. A medical keyboard provides users with the ability to properly clean and disinfect the surface by providing a waterproof layer.
Are Medical Keyboards Waterproof?

Yes, this is a silicone waterproof keyboard. This allows you to keep the touchpad germ free with easy cleaning. In fact, some keyboards are even dishwasher safe! For full details on the specification of our keyboards, visit our range here.

Why Should My Staff Use Medical Keyboards?

Medical keyboards are designed to meet the specific needs of medical professionals. They offer several features that can improve productivity and accuracy in the medical setting. Medical keyboards can help to:

  • Reduce user input errors
  • Improve comfort and ergonomics
  • Enable one-handed typing
  • Enhance data entry speed
  • Improve team-based workflows in hospitals
What are the Benefits of Medical Keyboards?

Medical keyboards offer various benefits such as waterproofing, antimicrobial protection, and special function keys that can be used to access medical information quickly. They also offer other essential benefits to hospital staff such as:

  • Infection Control: reduce cross-contamination with Antimicrobial keyboards and UV coated key labels.
  • Ergonomic: give your medical and office staff a comfortable typing experience.
  • Easy Cleaning: keyboards are compatible with hospital disinfectants to help keep germs at bay.
  • Waterproof: washable keyboards allow staff to disinfect and improve hygiene and dust easily.
  • Compatibility: support your existing IT infrastructure. Our medical keyboards are compatible with MAC and Windows.
What Brands of Medical Keyboards Does Debetrek Supply?

As a leading supplier of medical keyboards in Australia, it’s important to us to supply a range of products from reputable manufacturers. We offer a range of medical keyboards in our product selection from top brands, such as Seal Shield, and Man and Machine.

We strive to source quality products for our healthcare clients. A key component for our selection of keyboards is manufacturer warranties. This ensures your practice is not inconvenienced with unnecessary disruptions to daily operations due to faulty products.

Does Debetrek Stock Seal Shield?

Absolutely! Seal Shield is one of our medical keyboard and mouse of choice. The Seal Shield keyboard is 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe. They are made from a range of materials that are designed to be durable for the toughest of conditions.

Seal Shield keyboards include a Seal Cap USB protector, which helps to protect against water damage if the keyboard is accidentally submerged. They offer a lifetime warranty and are compatible with major healthcare ERP systems.

Is There Any Other Equipment I Need to Support my Medical Keyboard?

Your medical keyboard is just one piece in your IT infrastructure needed to create a safe and accessible work environment for your hospital staff.

Our dedicated project team works with our customers to create a customised solution for their premises, which may include one or more items: