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Increase staff efficiency with our ergonomic medical mounts for computers, tablets and IT hardware. View our range and book a demo today.
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Providing the Best Wall and Ceiling Medical Mounts for Computer Hardware

Create more room and make the most of your medical facility space with our range of wall, ceiling, desk and control room mounts.

Medical mounts are crucial for reducing direct contact with medical equipment. Help your staff to save time and minimise contact by eliminating the need to carry and transport equipment throughout your healthcare facility.

Our keyboard and monitor mounts cater for wall, ceiling and pole attachments. This allows you to make the most of space, including high traffic areas. Short on space? The ceiling space above the bed is typically under-utilised. Our adjustable ceiling mounts allow you to maximise the usable space in the room. This is ideal for patient entertainment.

Contact our specialised team today to see how our medical mounts can be configured for your facility’s needs.

Enhancing patient care

How Debetrek Delivers a Holistic Solution for Medical Device Mounts

Medical mounts adapt to changing hospitals, aged care, dentists, and healthcare environments. Debetrek aims to provide you with a fully tailored solution for your healthcare facility. All our medical device mounts are customisable with easy-to-add options for scanners, printers, cameras and laptops.

As well as this extensive range of medical device mounts, Debetrek can also bundle these with other IT devices and accessories, giving you a one-stop-shop for all your medical device needs. A range of accessories from Datalogic, Honeywell, Seal Shield and more are compatible with our products.

We only supply the best brands to ensure reliability, with most wall mounts coming with at least a a 5-year warranty. Our monitor mounts are so sturdy, most of them are also earthquake-proof. Contact our team today to see how we can tailor a range of point-of-care medical mounts for your healthcare facility.

Overhead Arm Monitor Mount

Overhead Arm Monitor Mount

Overhead Arm Monitor Mount ICW - UL182I-OHA "ICW’s unique Overhead mounting arm is an excellent solution for healthcare and dental environments. It’s also ideal for industrial applications including shipping and receiving, and factories that require long reach and...

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VT21 Flush Wall Mount

VT21 Flush Wall Mount

VT21 Flush Wall Mount Workstation ICW - VTLP-KUW The VT21 vesa compatible innovative workspace is an excellent choice for areas that require both a low profile workstation and ergonomics, such as healthcare corridors in medical clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, and...

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Ultra Articulated Keyboard Tray

Ultra Articulated Keyboard Tray

Ultra Articulated Keyboard Tray ICW - KUB-T19-A2-MW The Keyboard mount allows the full articulation of the keyboard tray. The Ultra style flip-up system allows you to tilt the keyboard all the way back for convenient stowing. This system uses a powder coated aluminum...

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Supporting Healthcare Professionals with Medical Device Mounts

When choosing the right medical mount solution for your hospital or healthcare practice, it’s important to understand which mounting application best suits the caregiver and patient’s needs.

Debetrek has supplied medical mounts such as monitor arms to hospitals across Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. Our team closely assess the operating needs for your healthcare system and provides you with solutions that will transform your medical space, including:

  • Compatability of monitors that need to be mounted. This includes factors such as weight, size and shape of the equipment.
  • The adaptability of the mount. This allows you to include additional equipment to the mount later if needed, such as an articulating keyboard arm.
  • The adjustability of the mount to best suit the required viewing angle needed by both caregiver and patient.
  • The quality of the mounting equipment, ensuring that future costs of maintenance or replacements are kept at a minimum.

Monitor Wall Mount

Monitor wall mounts provide a sturdy and secure way to mount a monitor to a wall. This allows nursing staff and doctors to have a comfortable viewing angle of monitors when providing patient care. Wall mounts are a great way to save space, and many often include articulating monitor arms, which helps save space in high-traffic areas. Monitor wall mounts are also adjustable to raise or lower the monitor to suit the patient’s needs.

View our Monitor Wall Mounts

Ceiling Monitor Mounts

Avoid taking up valuable space on desks and tables. Ceiling mounts can be attached to the ceiling, making them versatile for any medical setting. They are often adjustable, allowing caregivers to easily adjust the monitors to the correct angle for viewing. Many ceiling monitor mounts also include an articulating arm, which gives healthcare professionals more flexibility when positioning the monitor and other devices.

View our Ceiling Monitor Mounts

Monitor Desk Mount

Monitor desk mounts are the perfect option for medical professionals to create a flexible and ergonomic solution to the workplace. Dual monitor mounts and computer monitor stands ensure that monitors are easily accessible for nursing and administrative staff. Desk mounts can be rotated, tilted and swivelled to ensure that the monitor is always at the correct angle for viewing. This helps to reduce fatigue and provide a more comfortable workstation.

View our Monitor Desk Mounts

Control Room Monitor Mounts

Expand the real estate of your medical practice with control room monitor mounts. This type of monitor arm allows for mounting one or more monitors. These mounts are ideal for multi-user environments and areas with limited space that still require a high level of screen real estate. They offer a wide range of configuration options (including landscape and portrait configuration) and are also touch screen compatible.

View our Control Room Monitor Mounts

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Mobile Medical Mount?

A mobile medical mount is a device that is used to secure a medical device to a surface. Medical mounts are often used in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. There are a variety of different types of medical mounts available, including wall mounts, ceiling mounts, and desk mounts.

What Brand of Medical Mount Does Debetrek Provide?

All the brands of medical mounts that we offer to our clients have been carefully hand-picked for their quality, durability and reliability. We stock leading brands including Ergotron, ICW and Atdec.

We also offer our range of Debetrek Entertainment Mounts to help keep your patients comfortable and entertained during their stay.

What Are The Different Types Of Monitor Wall Mounts?

Wall mounts are a great way to save space when providing quality care to patients. Debetrek offers a wide range of different wall mounts, including:

  • Flush Wall Mounts
  • Articulating Wall Mounts
  • Workstations
  • Patient Entertainment Mounts

Find out more about how our range of wall mounts can service your healthcare facility needs.

What are the Benefits of Using Medical Mounts?

Medical mounts offer several benefits for both the caregiver and the patient. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Ease of use – Medical mounts are easy to use and can be adjusted to provide the best viewing angle for the caregiver and patient.
  2. Safety – Medical mounts help to secure medical devices in place, which helps to reduce the risk of injuries to both the caregiver and patient.
  3. Convenience – Medical mounts help to save space in medical facilities, making it easier for caregivers to move around and provide care to patients.
How Do I Choose the Correct Monitor Arm?

Monitor arms can provide specific mounting solutions for devices across many areas of a healthcare facility. This includes nursing stations, patient rooms, diagnostic rooms, clinics, operation theatres, and administrative areas.

Take the guesswork out of choosing the correct medical mount for your healthcare facility. When you partner with Debetrek, you will be assigned a dedicated team member to assess your facility operations carefully and provide you with the best possible mounting solution.

How Much Does A Medical Mount Cost?

Medical mounts are an investment that can save you money in the long run by providing a more ergonomic and comfortable work environment for caregivers and improving patient care. The cost of a medical mount varies depending on the type of mount and the size and weight of the device being mounted.

For more pricing information, please get in touch with our friendly team or book a free demo.

Can I Use a Medical Mount With Other Equipment?

Most medical mounts are designed to be adaptable and adjustable to be used with various devices. This means that you can use a single medical mount with several different devices, making it a more cost-effective option for your practice.

Can I Use An Articulating Keyboard Arm With My Medical Mount?

Many caregivers find that using an articulating keyboard arm with their medical mount provides a more comfortable and ergonomic work environment. Our range of keyboard arms is fully compatible with our medical mounts, so you can get the perfect setup for your specific needs.

Are Monitor Stands Ergonomic?

With the increase of workplace-related injuries, including lower back pain and neck pain etc., it is essential to consider the safety and care for both patients and healthcare workers.

Patient care can be administered much more safely and efficiently when provided with ergonomically designed workstations and monitor mounts.

Using an ergonomic monitor stand can help to improve the comfort and safety of your healthcare work environment. Monitor stands can help to prevent neck and shoulder pain by elevating the monitor to an ergonomic height. They can also be used to save space and provide easy access to equipment for staff.

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