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Providing the Best Wall and Ceiling Medical Mounts for Computer Hardware

Create more room and make the most of your medical facility space with wall and ceiling medical mounts. Our range of versatile and functional medical device wall mounts provide effortless movement with long-lasting durability.

Medical wall mounts and vital signs mounts are a crucial way of reducing direct contact with medical equipment. Help your staff to save time and minimise contact by eliminating the need to carry and transport equipment throughout your healthcare facility. Our versatile range of medical mounts will enable caregivers the ability to deliver quality patient care throughout any medical industry.

Our keyboard and monitor mounts cater for wall, ceiling and pole attachments. This allows you to make the most of space, including high traffic areas. Short on space? The ceiling space above the bed is typically under-utilised. Our adjustable ceiling mounts allows you to maximise the usable space in the room. This is ideal for patient entertainment.

We only stock premium brands, such as ICW and Ergotron wall workstations. We provide adjustable monitor mounts catering for weights from 1kg up to 13.5kg. Our versatile range allows you to choose from flush wall mounts, through to extendable arms of up to 2.5 meters.

Contact our specialised team today to see how wall and ceiling medical mounts can be configured for your facility’s needs.

How Debetrek Delivers a Holistic Solution for Medical Device Mounts

Medical mounts are adaptable to changing hospital, aged care, dentists and healthcare environments. Debetrek aims to provide you with a fully tailored solution for your healthcare facility. All our medical device mounts are customisable with easy-to-add options for scanners, printers, cameras and laptops.

Debetrek offers the most adaptable options of hospital mounts such as: ceiling mounts, computer mounts, keyboard arm, keyboard mount, scanner mounts, vital sign mounts and monitor wall mount. We source both ICWUSA mounts and Ergotron wall mounts.

We don’t just stock medical device mounts. We can also bundle with other IT devices and accessories, giving you a one-stop-shop for all your medical device needs. There are a range of accessories from GE, Phillips, Welch Allyn & Draegar that are compatible with our products.

To ensure reliability, we only supply the best brands, and all wall mounts come with a 5 year warranty. Our monitor mounts are so sturdy, they are also earthquake proof. Contact our team today to see how we can tailor a range of point-of-care medical mounts for your healthcare facility.

Overhead Arm Monitor Mount

Overhead Arm Monitor Mount

Overhead Arm Monitor Mount ICW - UL182I-OHA "ICW’s unique Overhead mounting arm is an excellent solution for healthcare and dental environments. It’s also ideal for industrial applications including shipping and receiving, and factories that require long reach and...

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VT21 Flush Wall Mount

VT21 Flush Wall Mount

VT21 Flush Wall Mount Workstation ICW - VTLP-KUW The VT21 vesa compatible innovative workspace is an excellent choice for areas that require both a low profile workstation and ergonomics, such as healthcare corridors in medical clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, and...

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Ultra Articulated Keyboard Tray

Ultra Articulated Keyboard Tray

Ultra Articulated Keyboard Tray ICW - KUB-T19-A2-MW The Keyboard mount allows the full articulation of the keyboard tray. The Ultra style flip-up system allows you to tilt the keyboard all the way back for convenient stowing. This system uses a powder coated aluminum...

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