Full-height automated medication management system


The MedSMART® is a full-height automated medication management system enabling real-time monitoring of medications from the pharmacy to wards and patient bedsides. By optimising pharmacy medication management processes, this system reduces costs while enhancing patient safety and healthcare quality in hospitals.

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Features and Benefits

  • All types of the medication from IV liquids to narcotic agents, cold chain medications and patients’ own medications may be monitored and managed at a high level of security.
  • It improves patient safety and the quality of patient care while reducing costs of the hospital.
  • Medication available at stations can only be accessed by authorised personnel through BIO ID authentication.
  • For medication requiring high security, controlled access to unit dose is allowed.
  • Once a nurse takes the medication and removes it out of the system that item is dropped from the inventory and the patient is exclusively invoiced for the medication taken.
  • Once the medication is returned to the system, it is stocked again in the system and is deducted from the patient’s bill.
  • System automatically sends information to the pharmacy for the medication at or below minimum level. It supports cost control with electronic follow up and documentation.
  • The MedSMART® configuration solution can be extended by adding auxiliary MedTowers®.
  • Each main station and the tower can be equipped with Med Doors and Drawer Modules.
  • The variety of drawers in size and type give MedSMART® the ability to manage different medications at different security levels.

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