Safe tracking and management of controlled medications


NarcSafe® ensures the secure tracking and tracing of controlled medications throughout the entire workflow, from warehouse receipt to patient administration. Integrated with STOCKART® main stations, NarcSafe® eliminates the need for manual transaction recording, offering seamless operation within the pharmacy.

With metal doors ensuring secure storage, NarcSafe® facilitates controlled medication management, allowing transactions to require witness presence if desired. This station can directly dispense medication to patients or replenish other STOCKART® Main Stations.

Automatic Picklist creation for controlled medication on NarcSafe® Stations streamlines processes, ensuring compliance with the chain of custody. STOCKART® Main Stations receive automatic notifications for Picklist collection from the NarcSafe® Station, enhancing efficiency and security.

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Features and Benefits

  • Chain of custody for controlled medication starting from the entrance of the Hospital, through administration until the end user, the patient.
  • Automatic replenishment list for controlled medication to AnesthesiaSMART® and other STOCKART® Main Stations
  • Compliant with requirements of regulatory institutions
  • Easy and real time access to correct information
  • Transaction records with witnesses
  • Detailed activity reports
  • Active Directory integration
  • User access authorization mechanism via Bio-ID or Proxy Card
  • Decrease of manual records by nursing and pharmacy
  • Discrepancy traceability
  • Extra security with metal chassis and metal doors

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