Mobile Medication Management for Operating Rooms


The workflow for narcotic medications in operating rooms differs from standard medication management. AnesthesiaSMART® enhances patient-centred care in the operating room, making it safer and more straightforward. Moreover, the system boosts both medication safety and anaesthesia workflow efficiency.

AnesthesiaSMART® is fully mobile, allowing for easy access to necessary medicines within the operating room. Its mobility and flexibility facilitate easy positioning in hallways and usage across all operating rooms. Controlled access to medications promotes compliance with legal requirements. The system automatically records all medication-related activities, such as retrieval, return, waste, and charges, eliminating manual tasks. Integration among all AnesthesiaSMART® stations enables seamless access to all activities from any station.

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Features and Benefits

  • Issue to user mechanism and end-of-the-day reconciliation function
  • Reporting, discrepancy tracking and documentation
  • Integration to Anesthesia Information System
  • Access to National Medication Database if available
  • Pre-defined operation-specific anchor time for anesthesiologist
  • Integration to intelligent labelling systems
  • Wireless Network Connection
  • Uninterrupted Power up to 2 hours
  • Secure access with BioID Fingerprint Reading Technology
  • CodePass Easy Barcode Reader
  • SMARTSlip Integrated Thermal Printer
  • Internal and External Return Bins

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