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Onyx 22″ Hot Swap AIO

Onyx – Venus-224 (22″)

The Onyx mobile cart computing solution is an all in one panel computer that provides 24/7 non-stop service and true mobility.

The Venus series features a swappable battery systems and universal mounting slots. The battery system allows users to replace one of the batteries without switching the computer off. As well as this, the dual batteries are designed to enable a long running time and short charging time.

The lightweight design of the mobile cart computer features a magnesium alloy rear cover which provides superior strenth and enables greater heat dissapation. The mounting slots provided will fit any medical cart.

Other features that come with the unit such as RFID, reading light bar and smart card scanner provide ease of use for your team.


  • Intel 10nm Tiger Lake processor
  • Security protect while away (LCD auto turn-off)
  • Telemedicine solution integration
  • Dual hot swappable battery design
  • Customise alarm LED and physical button

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