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Styleview Thermal Imaging Cart

Ergotron – SV41-6300-0

Quickly detect temperature or conduct other non-invasive imaging with our mobile thermal imaging cart. Mount your preferred thermal imaging camera—facing forward or backward—or other telehealth equipment to bring quick diagnostic testing wherever it’s needed. Our innovative hot-swap power LiFeKinnex™ Technology supports uninterrupted workflows.

NOTE: This tailored solution is built by combining separately ordered products. Select a component product to get its part number. See Tech Specs for details.

Product Benefits

Quick detection

Move a camera to any location to get a temperature reading

Comfortable fit

Ergonomic, height-adjustable design supports caregiver well-being

LiFe battery

Reliable power maintains effective monitoring without relying on outlets

Compact design

Maneuvers through tight corridors and fits in small spaces

Extra storage

Included drawer keeps supplies out of the way yet easily accessible

Wipes holder

Convenient access to sani-wipes supports regular disinfection

Technical Specifications

  • Screen: ≤24″
  • Capacity: ≤33 lbs & ≤15.0 kg *
  • Lift: 25″ 63.5 cm †
  • Tilt: 25°
  • Pan: 24°
  • Rotation: 90° ‡
  • Vesa: MIS-D
  • Warranty: 5 years §

Support Materials

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