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Our experienced projects team can provide valuable insight into the best medical equipment for your new hospital, hospital renovation or hospital transformation project.

We will come out to you for an initial project scope visit to better understand your objectives and outcomes.  We can then engage with your project team, health and safety, infection control and clinicians to recommend suitable products. Debetrek also offer equipment maintenance programs across your complete equipment range meaning if anything goes wrong, you’ll only have one number to call.

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1. Consultation

The first step we take with any healthcare or hospital fitout project is understand your needs and objectives. We take the time to engage with your key stakeholders such as Project Managers, OH&S and Nurse Unit Managers.

We look to combine your outcomes, with our industry expertise and knowledge of the latest equipment combinations available to deliver a solution that’s fit for purpose.

It can often by years between hospital fitout projects for most stakeholders where what was the best option for that project is usually outdated for this project, or simply doesn’t meet the needs of this specific project or team. In comparison, our team are constantly working on projects which means we’ll be able to suggest the best solution for you, your team and hospital.

2. Product Selection

Following our consultation, we’ll then build a Vision Room or Mobile Showroom which will have a range of products that we believe will be most suitable for your hospital fit out project.

These Vision Rooms allow you and your key stakeholders to touch and feel different product variations so you can make the most informed decision on which option is best for you. For example, when selecting Monitor Mounts, we’ll provide a range of mounts for you to test so you can feel the trade off between reach and flex ensuring your equipment is secure and accessible.

They’ll include other equipment such as Medical Cart options so your Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacy Directors can walk around and test and provide feedback for equipment as if it were already in your hospital.

3. Project Audit

Once you and your key stakeholders have identified the most suitable products for your hospital fitout, we’ll then work with you to conduct a Project Audit where we’ll go from room to room and determine how many of each product you’ll need.

By going from room to room, we’ll also be able to determine where extra power sources may be required to power monitors on wall mounts. The Project Audit can be used as a part of the tender process, or to make a purchase decision.

4. Hospital Fit Out and Installation

The expert team at Debetrek will then complete on-site or off-site installation to agreed timeframes, ensuring we comply with each sites requirements and regulations.

We’ll complete IT Integration and Testing to ensure it is integrated with your hardware and equipment, so your team is able to start using the equipment straight away.

5. Hospital Equipment Maintenance

Debetrek then have Maintenance Programs to ensure your equipment remains operational and you are supported through any incidental damage or technical upgrades. Whilst the most significant part of any hospital fitout is the fitout itself – the most overlooked part of any implementation is the ongoing maintenance.

The team at Debetrek partner with the best medical equipment suppliers around the world which means we’re in the best position possible to support your hospital fitout. It also puts us in a unique position to be able to provide ongoing maintenance and support for your whole range of equipment.

This means that whether your Mobile Workstation, LCD Monitor, Hot Swap Power or Monitor Arms fails – the only number you need to call to get it working again is ours. We’ll pick up the equipment and assess it to see if should be replaced, repaired or reinstalled and have it working again in as little as 48 hours.

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