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Bridging the gap for remote patients, our reliable Telehealth Devices allows for real-time communications with medical professionals. Book a demo today.
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Providing the Best Contactless Telehealth Technology Devices

Debetrek offers telehealth devices designed with healthcare professionals and patients in mind. They offer an innovative way for caregivers to provide quality telehealth services to their patients.

With complete mobility, these easy-to-use devices and equipment will offer your practice the option to carry out remote medical checks and seamlessly communicate with other medical professionals around the world.

Expand your healthcare offerings with real-time and effective support for those in isolated areas and quarantine.

How Debetrek Delivers a Holistic Solution for your Telehealth Devices

Mobile medical devices offer a comprehensive, convenient solution for hospitals and private practices across Australia. Telemedicine examinations can be done remotely and accurately with an integrated option to feed vital information back to a GP, Doctor or Nurse.

Telehealth services such as these offer both local and remote healthcare centres the security and confidence to safely carry out a contactless health check. They can store and forward telemedicine records to relevant providers offering guidance and patient care.

ProEX Telehealth Hub

ProEX Telehealth Hub

ProEX Telehealth Hub Visionflex - VIS-PRX Compact, comprehensive and portable The ProEX Telehealth Hub is specifically designed and engineered to enable health practitioners all over the world to confidently carry out detailed medical examinations to patients based in...

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Howard Telepresence Cart

Howard Telepresence Cart

Howard Telepresence Cart Howard Medical - Swift Telepresence Cart The Kubi Swift Telepresence Cart is a lightweight laptop, tablet or telemedicine medical cart with a spacious work surface. It's standard features include: Small lightweight cart with a simple...

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Howard Telemedicine Cabinet

Howard Telemedicine Cabinet

Telemedicine Cabinet The Howard Telemedicine Cabinet is a strategically mounted virtual care solution for increasing work flow and efficiency. Its modular design provides users with readily available access to your telecommunication platform and allows quick access to...

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Supporting Healthcare Professionals with Quality Telehealth Device

As a leading telehealth equipment supplier in Australia, our telemedicine equipment range is designed to support both the patient and practice in receiving quality remote medical care.

Our dedicated specialists ensure that your telehealth devices are set up and integrated into your hospital or clinic workflows, providing you with a seamless user experience from day one.

To assist with your virtual patient care, we offer a range of equipment, including:

Telehealth Hub Device

Our range of telehealth hub devices offers a simple way for hospitals to store and forward telemedicine data when providing virtual care to patients.

By using basic telecommunications technology, your practice can acquire, monitor and transmit medical data. This allows for teleconferencing among experts involved in a particular medical case, along with remote patient care.

With these devices, consultations with medical professionals from any part of the world become possible.

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Telehealth Workstations

Telemedicine workstations provide your facility with a portable solution when delivering remote healthcare. Also known as telemedicine carts, this equipment ensures efficiency for hospital staff when providing off-site patient care.

Key features of our range of workstations include high-resolution cameras, displays and access to networks connecting computers to the right software. We also offer a range of electronically height-adjustable units to meet your hospital space-saving needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth plays a vital role for physicians in using technology to deliver medical services and information from a distance. This can include using video conferencing, email, or text messaging to communicate with patients. Telehealth can typically be used to provide services such as:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Education
  • Coordination of care
  • Access to patient data
  • Follow up and referrals
  • Monitor patients remotely (using devices such as blood pressure cuffs or glucose meters)
What Equipment is Needed for Telehealth?

There are several different types of telehealth equipment available, including video conferencing systems, computer and software systems, secure messaging systems, and remote monitoring systems. Products must be convenient, easy to use, portable, easy to implement when providing virtual care to patients.

Debetrek provides and fits telemedicine equipment, including:

How do I choose Telemedicine Solutions?

When searching for suppliers of telemedicine devices, it is important to review their product lines carefully. Some mobile medical devices may not be compatible with existing equipment, which can cause issues when accessing a patient’s vitals and records.

Preferable products will include security measures that protect both the patient and medical professionals who are using them. Additionally, they must be user-friendly enough for patients of all ages (including children).

How Much Does Telemedicine Equipment Cost?

The cost of telemedicine equipment can vary depending on the type of equipment needed and the size of the facility.

As a leading distributor of telemedicine solutions in Australia, our specialists work with you to ensure you have the setup, training and integration needed to properly support your practice within your allocated budget.

What Are the Benefits of Telehealth Equipment?

Telemedicine equipment is becoming increasingly popular these days, and for a good reason. Telehealth equipment allows medical professionals to be at one place while remaining connected to other people in another location.

The benefits for healthcare providers include:

  • Save time and money;
  • Improve efficiency;
  • Provide better care for patients in remote locations;
  • Give people access to health care no matter where they are located;
  • Easy access to secure patient data;
  • Improve the self-esteem of patients who cannot see a doctor in person;
  • Allow medical professionals to provide better care for people in remote locations.
How Does Telehealth Equipment Work?

Healthcare providers can use telehealth for a variety of patients and conditions, including in rural areas where access to medical care is limited. This expands healthcare services where there isn’t the appropriate population size to support certain services such as cardiology or oncology. Physicians also use it to provide care for patients with chronic conditions who need regular monitoring and who are recovering from surgery or an illness.

Telemedicine equipment can take on many different forms, but the most common is a video conferencing system that allows patients and physicians to see and talk to each other.

Physicians can also monitor a patient’s vital signs, and some software systems even allow the patient to take their own blood pressure or weight.

What Brands Does Debetrek Provide for Telehealth Devices?

Debetrek proudly offers hospitals and healthcare providers quality devices and hardware. Our manufacturers of choice include:

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