Bridging the gap for remote patients, our reliable Telehealth Devices allows for real-time communications with medical professionals. Book a demo today.
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Providing the Best Contactless Telehealth Technology Devices

Our Telehealth devices open up a whole new way to conduct health checks for healthcare professionals and caregivers offering telehealth services to patients. With complete mobility, this easy-to-use device will offer options to businesses and organisations to carry out remote medical checks and seamlessly communicate with medical professionals.

How Debetrek Delivers a Holistic Solution for your Telehealth Devices

This equipment offers a comprehensive, mobile solution for a large range of businesses and organisations. Telehealth examinations can be done remotely and accurately with an integrated option to feed information back to a GP, Doctor or Nurse to interpret and act on.

Telehealth services such as these offer corporate companies as well as those in remote areas security and confidence with the ability to safely carry out a contactless health check with guidance. Telemedicine provides remote communities, as well as populations in isolated environments real-time and effective healthcare.

ProEX Telehealth Hub

ProEX Telehealth Hub

ProEX Telehealth Hub Visionflex - VIS-PRX Compact, comprehensive and portable The ProEX Telehealth Hub is specifically designed and engineered to enable health practitioners all over the world to confidently carry out detailed medical examinations to patients based in...

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Howard Telepresence Cart

Howard Telepresence Cart

Howard Telepresence Cart Howard Medical - Swift Telepresence Cart The Kubi Swift Telepresence Cart is a lightweight laptop, tablet or telemedicine medical cart with a spacious work surface. It's standard features include: Small lightweight cart with a simple...

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Howard Telemedicine Cabinet

Howard Telemedicine Cabinet

Telemedicine Cabinet The Howard Telemedicine Cabinet is a strategically mounted virtual care solution for increasing work flow and efficiency. Its modular design provides users with readily available access to your telecommunication platform and allows quick access to...

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